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  • 1. passed 70-306 today
    Passed 305 a little over a week ago, and 306 today. I thought it was a little harder, but I scored better. Maybe I just forgot how hard the first one was. for this test I used the MSPress book by Matthew A Stoecker. It was okay. It explained a few things very well that I had not seen explained well before. However, it was very light on examples and exercises and test questions. On the exam itself, I was surprised by some of the security questions. I would recommend you know that stuff pretty well. I was also surprised by a question that seemed to me to be almost completely non-VB/non-VS. The question was about a fairly obscure SQL server feature in a stored procedure. I thought it was unfair on this test. Oh well, I passed.
  • 2. About Exam 70-306
    Hi, Iam new to MCAD, Iam preparing for 70-306 Exam, How many questions will be there for this exam? And how long the exam will be (the timings?) What are the various good resources for this exam? Can anyone help me? Thanks, yamini.
  • 3. passed 70-320
    Woo ! Feels good...passed 70-320 with 968.... 57 questions total... :-) I need to take 70-315 to become MCAD :)) Vikram
  • 4. MCAD books for 70-306
    Has anyone used "Visual Basic.Net WIndows and web applications study guide" by Brian Reisman and Mitch Ruebush for preparing exam 70-306. Appreciate any comments. Thanks

Another Book Question

Postby Wayne Taylor » Wed, 03 Dec 2003 19:18:01 GMT

Hi All,

I started the following book, Developing Web Applications with Microsoft
Visual Basic .NET and Microsoft Visual C# .NET eBook, using VB.NET 2002,
then I got VB.NET 2003, I didn't study for a while [ :-( ].

As I hadn't touch the book for a while I decided to start again. This time
using VB.NET 2003. The first two examples/walkthrough's I can't get
working.... I've gone though them with a fine tooth comb and can't find
anything wrong with them.

When I did the examples/walkthough's in VB.NET 2002 they both worked first
time. I've e-mailed MS-PRESS but as of yet I haven't heard anything.

Any one else had any problems similar to this, or is it just me? I have
thought of reinstalling VB.NET 2002 to see if the work....this just seems a
little backward! Could it be anything to do with FW1.0/1.1?

Thanks in advance.

Wayne Taylor

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