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  • 1. Just Passed 70-305
    Just passed 70-305 exam. Time allotted: 1:50 minutes Questions:43 Score:867 But i completed the exam in half hour, this is my first certification appearing for the first time, if you have good knowledge of the subject, the exam is a piece of cake. These are the books i followed: Mike's book from Que(best book - not just for certification but for in general). Preplogic exam: Way too tough questions, so dont panick if you dont get 100% in the exam., yea do panic if you dont get 70% :D Did go through MS press book for, its amazing to see that lot of questions in the actual exam popped up from the practice test that came with the kit. -VS
  • 2. What are the best books for the MCAD?
    I have been a .NET developer for 2 years now and I developed with VB6/ASP 3.0 before that. I want to get my MCAD certification and need to know what books to use to study for the test. I plan on doing this through self study. Any advice would be very welcome before I take this on.
  • 3. VS and, which one shall I buy? I can only afford one though. :( gave 229 questions, and give around 150. Thanks for your help!!!!


Postby salportaro » Fri, 15 Jul 2005 01:06:31 GMT


My employer has bought the AppDev MCAD/MCSD suite.  Currently ww cannot
get them loaded on my machine.  We are going to try a new CD drive.

I also have Kalani's 70-315 book.  I have written some C#, and a
fairly robust web service in VB.Net.

Another wrinkle is that I am handicapped and am not sure certification
will help.  Most Jobss seem to be going to consultant and I do not see
consultants hiring the handicapped.
During my Lunch hours I would like to prepare for the MCAD.  Two

Is AppDev any good?

What would you suggest I do to prepare?



RE: AppDev

Postby Q293Ym95IChHcmVnb3J5IEEuIEJlYW1lcikgLSBNVlA » Sat, 16 Jul 2005 02:26:05 GMT

Your questions:

1. Is AppDev good? It depends on your learning style. The AppDev courseware 
is good for those who do well with CBTs. Depending on your handicap, they may 
be far easier for you than reading. The value of CBT is you are certing 
because you know the material and not because you read a cheat sheet. Do the 
exercises or the value is limited.

2. Handicap? It is illegal for a company, consulting or otherwise, to refuse 
to hire a qualified candidate because of a handicap. Having said that, it 
does happen, in companies that are consulting and otherwise. Whether you will 
be discriminated against, or not, is based on the nature of your handicap and 
how it reduces your viability as an employee. If you are good, it will be a 
hamper at the beginning and less so as you gain notariety on your skills. 
Success overcomes most obstacles.

3. I would use the curiculum. In addition, I would run through some prep 
tests ... for two reasons: 1) They help you get over the nervousness and 2) 
most are very similar in nature to what you can expect on the real test. Make 
sure you understand the reasoning behind the right answers on any prep test 
you take. It is the lack of knowing why that kills most people that test.

Gregory A. Beamer

Think Outside the Box!

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