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  • 1. I used hotcert as my study guides .biz .
    They have done a good job, I supposed. I sit down for the exam, I've just followed the things that I've read from their study guides.
  • 2. Courses to take for test
    Hi. I noticed on the MS site that for each test you must pass they recommend 2-3 courses. Do you really have to take all those courses to pass one test? For instance on the MCSE requirements there is pretty much a 1 to 1 relationship for test to course. Thanks
  • 3. Courses Required Now??`
    I was going to take the exam @ one of the locations. However, when I went they mentioned about courses required to take. Is this true? Some of these courses are 3 days... Come on 3 days... that's like throwing my money away. Anyone had this problem? Does Microsoft require to take courses before you take an exam?
  • 4. Setting up Web Server for ASP.NET Web Service Project
    Hi, I am preparing for 70-315 (Developing and Implementing Web Apps with C#).I have never worked with ASP.NET and related technologies so the question I have is very basic: I am working on Windows XP Home Edition and I understand that I dont have and will not be able to install IIS. I Googled on web hosts that support .NET web applications, and got a lot of companies that do so. My Questions are: 1) What Technologies should I look for when purchasing web hosts. Please keep in mind that it should support requirements used in MCAD/MCSD exams 2) Any recommendation for web host. Thanks in Advance versus

Postby Michael » Thu, 03 Mar 2005 07:54:21 GMT

Was hoping maybe someone could tell me what the main 
difference is between and  Which one is 
more desireable in today's job market?  I have had 
experience with sql, c++, and i be geared for 
one more than the other?  Any help would be greatly 

Thanks, versus

Postby Victor » Thu, 03 Mar 2005 09:47:48 GMT

Technically you are able to accomplish the same things 
with either language. Based on your experience (C++, Java) 
the C# exams are your best bet. Bot are desireable skills 
although some would argue that C# will give you the best 
flexibility. versus

Postby Gaurav » Thu, 03 Mar 2005 14:39:22 GMT

Dear Micheal,

There is not much difference in vb .net and C # .Net. 
Almost Only syntax different is there. I think both are 
equally good in market. But if you know Java and c++ i 
would prefer to go for c# because you will find it easy 
as it matches wth c++ and java syntax much.



Re: versus

Postby Nick » Thu, 03 Mar 2005 20:50:19 GMT

Go with VB .net for two reasons.

1. The syntax is significantly different from java and c++ so you won't be 
confusing yourself.
2. There is more legacy code in VB than C# so there is potentially more work 
and more money for you.


Re: versus

Postby Relaxin » Sat, 05 Mar 2005 06:28:22 GMT

C# specs are "managed" by an organization, EMCA (I think).
So by going with C#, some would say that your code would have a better
chance of being portable to other OS, such as Linux using Mono.

VB.NET is only managed by Microsoft, so it may be much harder to port to a
different OS in the future. versus

Postby » Sun, 06 Mar 2005 04:21:44 GMT

VB is more popular than C#, but C# pays better, also C# is 
slightly more difficult to learn.

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>-----Original Message--->-
>Was hoping maybe someone could tell me what the mai> 
>difference is between and  Which one i> 
>more desireable in today's job market?  I have ha> 
>experience with sql, c++, and i be geared fo> 
>one more than the other?  Any help would be greatl> 

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