Can any one approach me for MCAD Exam?


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  • 1. good book for 70-305 exam
    Hi, I want to do cerification for 70-305 exam. Can u suggest me a good book for that. thanks satish
  • 2. indian publication books for mcad??
    Hello , can any one suggest me the books for mcad 70-305 which are available in india and can suffice in giving the exam.
  • 3. For those who studied 70-315
    I have some conflicting information to a question on Globalization. In the scenario where you are deploying a multi-language Web Application what is the best thing to do: A) Ask the user what language to use? B) Use the Request object to extract the language used by reading the UserLanguages property. Kalani recommends that you use a drop-down list as the user can install a version of the browser/OS which is not necessarily specific to his location which would skew the assumption. Transcender recommends choice B. What does Microsoft want given those two choices on the same question? Thanks, Frank
  • 4. Credentials
    I have passed MCAD with an emphasis of VB.NET, and also due to company requirements re-did everything in C#. I'm also an MCSD. When I put credentials by my name, what is the proper order and usage? would it be: John Smith MCSD John Smith MCSD, MCAD John Smith MCSD, MCAD.NET John Smith MCSD, MCAD VB.NET, C#.NET

Can any one approach me for MCAD Exam?

Postby SW5kcmFqZWV0fk5pbmph » Wed, 12 Oct 2005 12:04:05 GMT

Hi regularly read all msgs here.

I had start preparing for MCAD exam.

I am working with C#.Net Windows Application but i am enthuastic about 
C#.Net With Web Application Exam.

So what will be appropriate for me C#.Net with Web Application or With win Application?

Plaese approach me in proper way and give me list of preparation ebook and 
correspoing site name from which can i grow up for MCAD Exam.

Indrajeet Kumpavat

Re: Can any one approach me for MCAD Exam?

Postby Vipul Patel » Sun, 23 Oct 2005 02:31:20 GMT

Regardless of which exam you are focusing on, windows or the web, you shoul 
dbe very clear of the .NET fundamentals as they are core for both these 

Focus on ADO.NET, deployment strategies, Assemblies , - They are common to 
both the exams . You should refer to MSDN .NET DOcumentation for these 

Windows  and web concepts - Refer to .NET quickstarts 
( http://www.**--****.com/ )  for a booster dose after you are 
done with the fundamentals.


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