Cant Validate Home Address For MCAD Welcome Kit


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    Hi ! Cleared 70-316 with 940. I used lots of books. Here is the list: Started with - Introducing Microsoft .NET, 3rd Ed.(MS-Press): To understand the .NET Framework as I was totally new to this. Then - Beginning Visual C#(Wrox) + Core Reference, Programming Microsoft Windows with C#(MS-Press) : To understand the C# Language. AND OOP with Microsoft Visual Basic .NET and Microsoft Visual C# Step by Step (MS-Press) : To understand Microsoft's point of view on OOP. Next - Microsoft ADO.NET Step By Step(MS-Press) + Professional ADO.NET Programming(Wrox) : To understand ADO.NET Next - Professional C#, 3rd Ed.(Wrox) Finally - MCAD/MCSD Training Guide for 70-316 By Amit Kalani (QUE): For exam specific study. I know it is a long list of books and it took me around 5 months. But I had no programming experience before. Never written a line of code before I started this exam attempt. I made a lot of apps, starting with a simple 'Hello World' and moving on to develop an accounting and inventory package for a book store which includes web services. I really enjoyed this (and passing on the first attempt made me happier) and now preparing for 70-315. Thanks to all you wonderfull people who post so much valuable informations. Thanks a lot !
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    I just got 2 books the microsoft c# one and the one by Amit Kalani, I choose to do this as i finished my foundation degree 2 years ago and found it hard to get a job in IT at the moment im working as IT support in a college but its mainly simple stuff, I enjoyed programing at uni and worked with Director(lingo) and VB, Not used C# but thought this would be a good oppertunity to learn it. I know that on the official site it says you need 1-2 years experience using C# which i dont have will this be a problem? also how long do u think it will take me to learn C# and pass the exam? thanks
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Cant Validate Home Address For MCAD Welcome Kit

Postby Wor Tony » Fri, 07 Apr 2006 04:38:58 GMT

I passed my 3rd exam in the MCAD series on March 22nd.  Since then I have 
tried to validate my home address to have the MCAD kit sent to me, but every 
time I click the Submit Request button on the page and click 
OK, I receive the following error page which states
Your session has timed out or network problems prevented the application 
from receiving the MCT enrollment information. Please try again. If the 
problem persists, please contact your Microsoft Regional Service Center.

I have tried many times to get past without success and have emailed 
emeamcpATmsdirectservicesDOTcom (I've spam proofed the actual address) - the 
first time on the 29th March and have received only automated respnses and 
no resolution.  Could you please assist me in my attempts to validate my 
home address and receive the MCAD.Net kit?



Microsoft Certified Professional ID: 3411426

RE: Cant Validate Home Address For MCAD Welcome Kit

Postby cm1hY2lhcw » Fri, 07 Apr 2006 10:03:01 GMT

Call the proper 800 number for your Regional Service Center located at:


You'll talk to a real person and they should be able to help you.

Re: Cant Validate Home Address For MCAD Welcome Kit

Postby Cerebrus » Fri, 07 Apr 2006 10:06:20 GMT


Check your Regional Service center from this page
( http://www.**--****.com/ ).

You can then either email them or call their Regional Call center.

When I had the same issue, I had emailed them and got a prompt response

from them. 



Re: Cant Validate Home Address For MCAD Welcome Kit

Postby Wor Tony » Sat, 08 Apr 2006 02:42:23 GMT

As luck would have it, I've had a respone today!

Dear Anthony,

Thank you for your emails.

We are happy to confirm that your MCAD Welcome Kit has been placed on
order today by our team
The Kit will be shipped to address you mentioned above.

Please allow up to four weeks for delivery.


Thanks for your reply


Re: Cant Validate Home Address For MCAD Welcome Kit

Postby Wor Tony » Sat, 08 Apr 2006 02:42:53 GMT

Sorted.  See my other reply

Thanks for your help in this


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