Changes with VS 2005


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  • 1. Expected Time Frame
    I am just starting to learn .NET and am beginning to use Visual Studio at work with VB. I have about 1 1/2 years experience as a Systems Analyst but mostly work with databases (sql serer 2000) and have done a little work with web development in asp and vb script. I want to get my MCAD but am not sure what a realistic time frame is for learning this info and passing the exams. I need to give my boss a schedule....any suggestions or estimated time frames out there or that anyone has heard of??
  • 2. MCAD 70-320 and COM +
    While researching study topics for 70-320, I noticed several references to coverage of COM+ functions. This set of services does not seem to be covered in the "Skills being measured" sheet for the exam. For those of you have recently taken the exam, was the percentage of COM+ questions surprisingly high? About what percent 2%, 5%, 10%? Thanks
  • 3. Need info about MCAD
    Hi, I am bit confused regarding which exams should I take either MCAD or MCSD? I am working as software professional in CMM Level 5 company in India. Can anybody advice me for the exam which I should take?
  • 4. 70-306: Which is better - Mastering or Professional ?
    Hi all, I am just at the edge of starting preparation for 70-306. Which book should I prefer to start with? Mastering VB.NET or Professtional VB.NET? or is there any other book with which I can start? Please help, Thanks in advance, -Regards, Dinesh

Changes with VS 2005

Postby Sam Smith » Thu, 26 May 2005 00:47:47 GMT


Can anyone tell me if the exams for MCAD are likely to 
change significantly in the near future, when Visual 
Studio 2005 is released?


Re: Changes with VS 2005

Postby Jack » Wed, 01 Jun 2005 19:37:11 GMT

I would like to know this as well.

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