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    I'm studying for the 70-536 exam using the Self Paced training kit book and I was wondering if purchasing some e-courses, I was wondering if the e-courses are worth getting for this exam or any other exams?
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Development Software

Postby Karen » Sat, 19 Mar 2005 16:34:05 GMT

My backgroung is on the IBM Mainframe.  I am preparing for 
the MCAD, and intending to do development from my home PC.
1)  What software do I need to prepare for the MCAD
    (Visual Studio and what else) 
2)  What releases of software should I consider
3)  Do I need to upgrade my operating system, and if so, 
to what release.  I am currently running Windows ME. 

Is there any other software you would recommend for 
development purposes, even if it is not covered on the 
MCAD?  What about data base?   

Re: Development Software

Postby Joseph MCAD » Sat, 19 Mar 2005 23:16:39 GMT

  March 18, 2005

    I would recommend upgrading to Windows XP 
Professional. To develop web applications you will need 
to have IIS installed and running on your computer. The 
only OS's that have IIS are Windows XP PRO, Windows 
Server 2000, and Windows Server 2003. You should 
Microsoft SQL Server installed on the computer. You can  
use the MSDE version which is hard to work with, because 
it doesn't have a GUI. You can also buy Microsoft Sql 
Server 2000 Developer Edition, which is only $49! The 
deveoper edition is the exact same as the enterprise 
edition, only you cannot use the software in a production 
environment! You have to use it only in a development 
environment. It truely is a great deal! Make sure to buy 
Microsoft Visual Studio .Net 2003; don't buy the 2002 
version. The same goes for books that you buy! Hope this 

                                  Joseph MCAD


Development Software

Postby CoolRock » Sun, 20 Mar 2005 02:11:54 GMT

1.Visual Studio Dot Net 2002 or 2003.But 2002 is also ok.
2.IIS,IE 5 or above.
3.Windows 2000,or XP
4.SQL server 2000
above all,the exam book is the most important things if 
you really want to pass the exam.good luck....

Re: Development Software

Postby Joseph MCAD » Sun, 20 Mar 2005 03:37:25 GMT

  March 18, 2005

    You might be able to squeeze by using VS 2002, but 
keep in mind the tests are made for 2003. If you have to 
buy the software, definately go for 2003. It will look 
better on your resume too!

                                           Joseph MCAD


Re: Development Software

Postby bygandhi » Sun, 20 Mar 2005 05:19:13 GMT

Which prep materials did you use ? I meant which books ?

I am preparing for 70-315 and have a exam cram by amit kalani but I
read here that other than exam cram the training guide 70-315 by amit
kalani ( 1200 pg ) is a good one ?
Any idea if anyone can have an ebook version ?

Re: Development Software

Postby linda » Sun, 20 Mar 2005 05:48:38 GMT

Same goes for books, don't use the 2002 version?  I was 
planning on using:

MCAD/MCSD Training Guide (70-305): Developing and 
Implementing Web Applications with Visual Basic.NET and 
Visual Studio.NET by Mike Gunderloy

which came out December 24, 2002.  I dont see a 2003 
version on Amazon.  I think this will be fine, no?

Re: Development Software

Postby Joseph MCAD » Sun, 20 Mar 2005 06:52:58 GMT

March 18, 2005

Microsoft came out with a 2ed. of the training kits
for 70-305 and 70-306. 310 and 300 remained the same. The
author that wrote the training kit you posted was for the
2002 version. Microsoft updated that book (and 70-306) to
a 2ed. The author of the 70-305 kit is Jeff Webb. When I
look to see if a book if the current version, I go to:

and then click on the link for all of MSPress's books.
Then I look under the title and make sure there isn't a
second version, or sometimes two books with the same
name. Then I find the recent one and use the ISBN for
verification when I order. I have had problems with two
books looking almost identical, but cannot distinguish
the difference. I found out that this was because one was
the 1ed. and one was the 2ed. To cure that problem, I
always go by ISBNs now. The ISBN's of the training kits I
used are:

Developing Windows Application : Matthew A. Stoecker
ISBN# 0-7356-1926-3
Developing Web Applications : Jeff Webb : 0-7356-1927-1
Developing XML Web Services and Server Components : No
Specific Author : 0-7356-1586-1

As far as the exam cram books, I could not say whether
they are good. All of the books I have read have been by
Microsoft Press. For 70-315 I used:

Asp.Net Step By Step
XML Web Services Step by Step
the 70-315 training kit listed above

I hope this helps! Have a great day and good luck!

Joseph MCAD


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