Do you have tipps for tricky questions?


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  • 1. Does VUE and Prometric accept each other's exam result?
    Hi I have a question. If I took a MCP exam at Prometric and for some reason I have to take the rest two at VUE. Can they accept each other's exam results? Do I have to contact Microsoft for get a MCAD certificate? Thanks! -Tong
  • 2. What Language is popular????
    i want to examine the mcad exam. my company ask to me What Language is most popular. for example or i can create web application with jsp and asp
  • 3. no experience in real world programming
    I am working in ASP(no experience in real world programming) but want to go for the MCAD exams. plz can me guide to how to clear the MCA exams as i also am not experienced to programming As eveerybody knows ASP itself cannot get u a job so u have to be different from others.So wether shud i go for the MCAD certification or not.plz advice me regard mohit
  • 4. Information Needed
    Hi, This is narasimha . I would like to write the ceritcation for the MCAD 70-306 and 305 . Could anyone provide me the information that where i can get the needful material for the preparation . Pls provide the links that where i can get the downloadable Self Paced Training Kits which are free. I hope i can get the required information soon.
  • 5. Crappy Books
    I'm so disgusted with the terrible quality of textbooks in this field. This spring I took college class where we used the Gunderloy book for the 70-305 exam (which I passed last week). We found many many errors in it. Many of which were not typos, but actual conceptual errors. I stopped even mentioning them after the first few chapters because it was just too tiresome. Now, I'm preparing for the 70- 306 exam, so I thought I'd try the MS press book for that. I'm only on page 32 and I've already found two more of these serious conceptual errors. The discussion of value types on pp18-19 is wrong. It directly contradicts the explanation given on the previous pages, and it contradicts behavior I have verified in VS.NET 2003. On p 32 they seem to not understand the definition of the word "syntax". I quote: "This is incorrect syntax....though it will not cause an error" This Microsoft book cost me $70+, and is produced (or at least printed and sold by) by the company that created the language. Yet, here I am finding basic errors in the first 10% of the book.

Do you have tipps for tricky questions?

Postby George » Sat, 21 May 2005 19:32:11 GMT


I am learning for the 70-306 (VB.NET) exam and reach at 
the test skill assesments about 70 percent.

Some questions are easy for me, some of them I found very 

For example the following from the microsoft site.

You are developing a Microsoft(R) Visual Basic(R) .NET 
Windows(R) application for one of your clients. You want 
to design a custom control that extends the functionality 
of an existing Windows TextBox control. 

Select the tasks that you must perform to develop your 
custom control. (Choose all that apply.)

1. Add the user control from the Microsoft Visual Studio
(R) .NET Project menu.
2. Override the OnPaint event of the Control class.
3. Use Microsoft Paint to draw the user interface for the 
new control.
4. Use GDI+ to draw the user interface for the new control.
5. Inherit the custom control from the 
System.Windows.Forms.TextBox class.
6. Override the MouseMove event of the Control class.

Questions 1 and 3 do not apply, because you must inherti 
from the custom control (question 5).

Regarding to the microsoft press book you must know add 
the functionally to the derived control, e.g. an handler 
for filtering only numeric inputs.

But in this questions the additional functionality is not 
specifed enough for me. Should the control be enhaced with 
graphical functionality, than questions 2 and 4 applies.

What are you thinking about this question? How to resolve 
such question, where the details in the question is not 
enough for me.

Thanks a lot and forgive me my grammer *g*

Re: Do you have tipps for tricky questions?

Postby Saga » Sat, 21 May 2005 23:32:07 GMT

The question specifically says to enhance the functionality
of the textbox control. This does not in any way imply that
you'll need graphical methods. Also, the proposed answer
says use GDI to draw the user interface. You might and
could use GDI t odraw on the user interface, but you usually
don't need it to draw the user interface and in the case of
it being a textbox, well, that is even required less.

If you let your imagination go, you could justify using Paint
to make a graphic that will be placed in the UI, but the
question only states "text box functionality" so whatever
will be done in this control, the user interface will be a textbox
with added code.

Good luck!

Re: Do you have tipps for tricky questions?

Postby George » Mon, 23 May 2005 04:23:23 GMT

Hallo Saga,

thanks a lot for your hints.

I believe also that only one questions apply, because I 
have read the last days about the text box, that it has 
not a paint event or OnPaint that can be overritten, 
because the form does draw the text box.

Could this be the meaning of the questions?

Or is the OnPaint method something other than the paint 

Thanks a lot


a textbox


Re: Do you have tipps for tricky questions?

Postby Rolie » Wed, 25 May 2005 12:40:14 GMT


When i took my exam, there is no such question
that has (Choose all that apply.) If multiple answers are
required it will be labeled as (Choose two) or (Choose 3).
I think this type is much easier.

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