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  • 1. pls . help.............
    hi, i am recent graduate.i do not have any real time expierence.i have a knowledge of c#.i would like to work on c# with min pay or without pay.where can i egt the information about such jobs?pls i need help.thanks in advance.
  • 2. Exams choices for MCAD.Net
    Hello evbd., I want to be MCAD.Net certified. Now i have the questions regarding the choices of the exams. I want to take following three exams for that. 1) Developing windows based applications with C#.Net (Exam 70 - 316) 2) Developing Web Applications with VB.Net (Exam # 70 - 305) 3) Sql Server (Exam 70 - 229) Now one exam is in Vb.Net and one is in C#.Net can i take these three exams to become MCAD.Net certified ???? Please reply me ASAP .... Thx. = : )
  • 3. C# Q'n
    hi there are two ways of doing this first is you can take one static data member in class and initialze it with 0 and increment it in the constructor and check if the value of the staic variable is greater than one generate an error. hope this will help u. second one is use singleton keyword (this i never tried in c# but this works in c++). >-----Original Message----- > >Does anyone has an answer to this? >How can u write a class and restrict that only one object >can be created? > >. >
  • 4. can i update for WebApplications
    hai friends,i don't have much knowledge and experience.presently i am having XP Home Edition as my Pc Operating System,but to work with WebApplications i should have XP Professional bec it has built in IIS which is required for WebApps.can i update my OS from XP HomeEdn to XP Professional without Formatting and reinstalling newely,can i do it. Thanks for reply. Sree

Elearning books

Postby shyam » Sun, 15 Feb 2004 00:42:11 GMT

Buy Cert Book and you would find it in the CD

Re: Elearning books

Postby Manoj Matchado » Thu, 19 Feb 2004 16:50:30 GMT

My friend,
Qualifications got to come with a price........!!!!!!!!!!!!!
All the E-books (as you call them) are available along with Microsoft's
for MCAD. So get one of them.
And Bingo you have the E-book and many more!!!!!!!

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