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  • 1. Pass requirement for 70-305
    Hi I am writing 70-305 very soon. I know its a CBT. But can anyone tell me what is in general the passing percentage. I mean in general what percentage of questions should we get right and also what is the time available for each question? Thanks for the answers.
  • 2. Guidance for the books of mcad
    Can anyone tell me which are the best books for this course. their names and authors please?
  • 3. Microsoft contests
    Someone told me that Microsoft has some contests time by time. can anybody tell me where can I find and participate them?
  • 4. MCSD/MCAD ?
    Hi folks I am new to this group. What is the difference between MCSD and MCAD ? Waiting for your expert comment. Thanks Marmik


Postby Marcus » Thu, 09 Sep 2004 03:31:42 GMT

How can you delete e-mail that over-extends your byte 

Re: E-mail

Postby S.S.Raja » Fri, 10 Sep 2004 18:22:01 GMT

Which email are u using?! when posting questions please be specific!

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