error while accessing DB


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    On the 70-315 test, is using the "Microsoft Application Center Test" covered? I ask as the program is only included in Enterprise, which I do not have! Thanks
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    As I have decided to take this seriously and take the MCAD exams, could anyone tell me if Developing E-Business Solutions Using Microsoft BizTalk Server 2004 exam (74-135) is still available and can be taken as an elective exam? and whether I become an MCTS if passed it? Thank you and hope to hear from you the soonest possible. Regards, Kam
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    hi, I wil be taking exam 70-316 in a month frm now.I have these queries 1.Is this exam (70-316) in Adaptive testing format . Depending on the first answer,does my second answer become difficult? 2.Is there a site which posts microsoft practise tests 3.Duration of the exam ? If the exam is for 2 hrs and if i utilise it completely will my score be less compared to completing it faster? 4.I have amit kalins 70-316 book.Do i have to refer to any other books? 5.Do i have to know ADO.NET in depth
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    OK. I am taking a sample 70-315 test, and it has several question on Datasets, eg. how to use the merge function, foreign keys, etc. However, none of this material is addressed in the MS prep book. So, will more advanced Datasets questions appear on the test? Thanks
  • 5. MCP Member Kit
    Hi, Everyone: I passed MCAD last month. I have been waiting for 3 weeks and didn't get the MCP Member Kit yet. Could any one give me an answer how many days to get MCP Member Kit? I know Microsoft are good at develop, but not good at deliver. Thanks Obason

error while accessing DB

Postby CHAITANYA » Fri, 16 Apr 2004 22:09:45 GMT

hi all

i had an error in when created a dataconn using 
wizard, and then generating dataset and connecting that 
dataset as a source to datagrid. in page load i filled 
the dataset oledbdataadapter1.fill(dataset11) and 
datagrid1.databind when i run the appl eroor is "COULD 
NOT LOCK FILE" i used ms access as backend and the error 
is shown at the line wherre i fill. suitable solution????

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