error while accessing DB


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  • 1. Need Help
    Hi All, I am new to this group. I am not sure which exam should I take first. I need some guidance about for which exam should I go and how should I prepare? I am having 2yrs of development experience in VB DB2. and from last 1 yr I am working in Testing Area. But I want to do SQL certifications. Thanks in advance devendra
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    Hi! I am working on one Portal project on where I need to send Bulk Email on every thursday Night to the all subscribers. The Portal have have arround 1,000,000 exciting members and as per members there are so many Subscribers. My Problem is how I Send a bulk email to all the subscribes on every thursday night? can ur code work for me? Regards, maulik
  • 3. Transcender
    Hi, I have the following unactivated Transcender exam for sale. please email me at XXXX@XXXXX.COM if you're interested. 70-315 70-320 70-229 70-228 70-215 Regards, vioskitfai
  • 4. Almost MCAD
    70-306 made exactly 700 70-315 made 743 70-320 next week... the scores I made is nothing to brag about but I personally am happy. FYI...assessment exams I was almost always making 70%. I think assement is good but not as primary source of study. also....70-315 and 70-306 which is an option you have cover a great deal of the same material and my study time for the second test was much lower and I made a higher grade

error while accessing DB

Postby CHAITANYA » Fri, 16 Apr 2004 22:09:45 GMT

hi all

i had an error in when created a dataconn using 
wizard, and then generating dataset and connecting that 
dataset as a source to datagrid. in page load i filled 
the dataset oledbdataadapter1.fill(dataset11) and 
datagrid1.databind when i run the appl eroor is "COULD 
NOT LOCK FILE" i used ms access as backend and the error 
is shown at the line wherre i fill. suitable solution????

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