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  • 1. MCAD Metrials
    Hi , I need Study metrial for MCAD in C# or ASP.NET. Can u have any idia about this pls mail me. Regards S Rajkumar
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    I passed 70-315 exam from September 11, but at now, i didn't received any email from MS, is there anything wrong here ?
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    Hi, I was wondering which is good for 70-316 exam. Are the question difficult levels are same..? what most of the people prefer. hb

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Postby anonymous » Sat, 30 Oct 2004 10:19:40 GMT

I am an average person, i used to be a java/servlet 
programmer 4 yrs ago. I havent done much programming 
since then. 

I want to get back into Programming, I want to get MCAD 
and i have played a little with, last year 
finished the book Dietel & Dietel but havent done any 
real applications on that. 

Can anybody just from their experience tell me how many 
days should i plan to study before i even dive into this. 

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Postby anonymous » Sat, 30 Oct 2004 11:36:52 GMT

I started the same way and read a huge book on C#. That 
knowdege doesnt seem to have helped me much.
The large Que books with the MCAD/MCSD on it are a very 
good foundation to have but I am finding for myself is not 
enough. That said, these books have helped me know where 
to start looking for more information if that makes any 

This all said, overall study for these exams take forever! 
Sometimes I read posts of people only studying for a 60 
hours or so for one exam, I think that is nuts. Given the 
back ground you and I have it is starting to look more 
like 240 hours per each! I just pull that number out of my 
tired brain but basically dont even start if you cant 
invest a lot of time over a long peroid.

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