Exam 70-305 (vb.net)


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  • 1. Easiest exams?
    Ok, I'm lazy! That being said, I want to know the easiest way to acquire the MCAD. I have experience with both VB and Java (so C# should not be an insurmountable learning curve). So which exam is easiest (I know that no MS exam is easy!): 70-305, 70- 306, 70-315, or 70-316? Also, which XML exam is easier: 70-310 or 70-320? GermFree
  • 2. Passed 70-305...
    (since everyone is sharing their experience...let me do the same) passed 70-305 yesterday, easier than i thought... 43 Qs, 867 i tried the MS self trained mcad kit, useful at the beginning of the preparation... but later on, have to check MSDN for details.
  • 3. Transcender X Real Exam
    Hi, I'm studying for the exam 70-316. I read Kalani's book and used Transcender (each exam twice). I got the following scores in Transcender: Exam A: 640 (09/07/04) and then 920 (09/18/04) Exam B: 680 (09/11/04) and then 980 (09/22/04) Exam C: 800 (09/30/04) and then 960 (10/04/04) Is it enough to pass the real exam? Thanks, Marcus.
  • 4. Exchange of E-books....for 70-320
    Hi, I am looking for 70-320 certification exam from Amit Kalani or Transcenders. If you have any CRAMS for 70-320 I would definitely be glad to do a deal withyou....I have plenty of other books, let meknow which one you would want...I will certainly arrange it for you. Regards, Hari Krishna

Exam 70-305 (vb.net)

Postby R.Roozbeh » Fri, 09 Apr 2004 07:43:44 GMT

Hi All 
Has anybody knows about 70-305(web appl with VB.net) exam :
1-how long is it need take time for study?
2-which book is it good for exam? dose it need any more 
book for study ?
Allready I have books(MCSD pakeage publish by Microsoft) 
and cbtnugget CDs trainer but I don't know It's good or  
Many thanks for any Help

Re: Exam 70-305 (vb.net)

Postby Eric » Sat, 10 Apr 2004 04:50:48 GMT

Que publishing has a great series on preparing for the MS certs.  I'm going
the C# route (315 not 305) and got the books by Amit Kalani.  The equivalent
books for VB.NET are written by Mike Gunderloy
Look for the title "Developing and Implementing Web Applications with VB.NET
and Visual Studio .NET"

How long it takes to study depends on your experience level.  I'd say it
takes at least a couple of weeks to go through the book cover to cover doing
the examples and taking the quizzes thorougly.  There's some overlap in
topics between exams, particularly Web and Windows, so that may help with
subsequent exams.

Exam 70-305 (vb.net)

Postby Regis » Wed, 14 Apr 2004 19:56:29 GMT

I passed this exam 1 month ago. It takes me 2 month to 
prepare an exam, working slowly. It depends on your 
previous experiences on the topic, but I've read that it 
takes from 40 to 80 hours to prepare this kind of exam.

I used the coresponding book from Microsoft press. Feel 
free to use MSDN when you want to dig a question you have.

For me, the best way to prepare this exam is to read the 
book a first time, re-read it, taking notes, searching 
extra informations, and then , praticing tests...

My next exam is in less than one month, the 70-310, I hope 
this methods is gone a work one more time.
exam :

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