exam 70-315.


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  • 1. How to reset the Autonum field?
    I work with Access 2002. And I want to reset the Autonum field to deliver my application. How to reset the Autonum field? I tried with the method described in the Access Help pages. This method works fine to intialize the Autonum field to a greater value but not to reste the value to Zero. Many thanks in advance. Nicolas
  • 2. Book exchange for 70-315
    I want to exchange Kalani book (physical book and not the e-book) with any of the following Kalani Books - 70-229 - 70-320 - 70-300 - 70-316 This will not be an illegal becoz this transcting will be treating as selling one book and buy one book. (only thing is that transaction unit is not $$ but a book itself) thanks
  • 3. Expected Time Frame
    I am just starting to learn .NET and am beginning to use Visual Studio at work with VB. I have about 1 1/2 years experience as a Systems Analyst but mostly work with databases (sql serer 2000) and have done a little work with web development in asp and vb script. I want to get my MCAD but am not sure what a realistic time frame is for learning this info and passing the exams. I need to give my boss a schedule....any suggestions or estimated time frames out there or that anyone has heard of??
  • 4. MCAD 70-320 and COM +
    While researching study topics for 70-320, I noticed several references to coverage of COM+ functions. This set of services does not seem to be covered in the "Skills being measured" sheet for the exam. For those of you have recently taken the exam, was the percentage of COM+ questions surprisingly high? About what percent 2%, 5%, 10%? Thanks

exam 70-315.

Postby Claude seraphin » Sat, 31 Jan 2004 05:57:06 GMT

I 'am preparing for exam 70-315 and i came accross some sample questions and
answers supplied by teskings.
www.correctexams.com does anyone no of this and how the relate to the real
Thnks in advance. (Just curious!)

Re: exam 70-315.

Postby Lorne Smith » Sat, 31 Jan 2004 21:54:02 GMT

Testking are braindumps... Stear clear of them if you don't want to cheat.

If MS catch people cheating, they can and will take away any and all MS
certs theymay have and will ban them from ever getting them in the future...



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