Exam 70-316 - DO NOT BUY THIS BOOK


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  • 1. Time of preparation for Exam:70-316
    Hi all, Iam just planing to take Exam:70-316(windows prog using c#)for MCP. I haven't done any microsoft certifications earlier. But interested in doing one now. If I spend 2 hours a day for preparation for this, please tell me approximately, how many months it will take for me, to prepare well for exam:306. Thanks in advance, Regs, Manivannan.P
  • 2. IT Master Degree or IT Certificates?
    To help you land a job or keep a job, which is making more sense: to pursue a IT master degree or to take exams to get yourself certified?
  • 3. Wrong MCPID by VUE
    I took my last test to get the MCAD cert and there is a diferent MCPID on the VUE transcript... I think this is a problem to register the results in the MCP site transcript of MS What should I do? Ken
    Can anyone tell me if/how I can access my MS Works documents from new PC that has Windows XP Pro and MS Word installed? I have two separate hard drives and the MS Works documents are on the old one. If I re-installed the Works CD on my newer hard drive, would that allow me to read these documents? Thanks! -- Ron Leone
  • 5. 70-315: Looong questions?
    I'm taking 70-315 in a couple of days and many training materials I have contain exam questions that half-a-page to a page long? Is this a typical question size on the real exam or they have short ones (3-4 lines of text) as well? I'm concerned because some of those long questions takes as long as a minute or two just to read them carefully. And it's just 120 minutes for 55 questions... Any feedback is appreciated. Dmitry.

Exam 70-316 - DO NOT BUY THIS BOOK

Postby Minh Tran » Wed, 26 Nov 2003 03:53:31 GMT

Hello everyone,

"Programming Windows with C#" by Charles Petzold is the worst book for exam
70-316 that I've seen. Please save your time and money, buy any book except
this one.

Good luck,

Re: Exam 70-316 - DO NOT BUY THIS BOOK

Postby Christian Ista » Wed, 26 Nov 2003 04:45:49 GMT


I agree.

I'm learning with these :

C# Professional (Second Edition)

MCAD/MCSD Training Guide (70-316): Developing and Implementing Windows-based
Applications with C# and Visual Studio.NET

MCAD 70-316 Exam Cram


Re: Exam 70-316 - DO NOT BUY THIS BOOK

Postby Simon » Wed, 03 Dec 2003 19:38:14 GMT

What do you think of the "C# Second Edition" book?

worst book for
buy any book
Implementing Windows-based

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