Exam 70-316 and MSPress book


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  • 1. How much studying required?
    I know this is an extremely sudjective question, BUT, In anyone's opinion, how much study time would you think a solid 1 year - ASP.NET (C#) would need to pass the web exam? Thanks .. psi
  • 2. 70-229 MCP?
    Hi friends, I have passed my 70-229 exam and I want to know if 70-229 counts towards MCP. Some people say it doesnt count towards MCP and that I would directly get MCAD after finishing my XML web services exam.( I already finished 70- 305) I just want to know, if i sign in with my ID in the micorosft site, will I get a MCP certificate in 70-229? I saw that 70-229 counts towards MCP in Micorosft site. Just wanted to confirm with all of u guys who have completed the exams. Thanks a bunch, Ann
  • 3. Take exam/No course
    Do you know of anywhere - does anywhere exist - where you can just take the MCAD exams without having to sit through a vastly expensive training scheme? Thanks Dave
  • 4. 70-305 Terrified!
    I have just started studying for exam 70-305 (my first MCAD exam), and am now realising that perhaps I am not as good a programmer as I thought! ouch! Frankly, I am absolutely terrified now of taking the exam. I have just taken the Microsoft Online Assessment and achieved a score of 30% (wey hey!). Can anybody pass on some pointers to useful sites and additional (free, due to a lack of funds) testing facilities. Cheers. Bryan, UK

Exam 70-316 and MSPress book

Postby zzz » Sun, 31 Oct 2004 16:15:34 GMT

Exam 70-316 and MSPress book:
I am having a software development experience of about 9 
years primarily in VC++. I am interested in taking the 
exam 70-316 (Developing and Implementing Windows-based 
Applications with Microsoft Visual C# .NET and Microsoft 
Visual Studio .NET)and currently reading the 
corresponding MSPress book by Matthew A Stoecker. Reading 
posts in this newsgroup suggests that this book is not 
enough to pass exam. I find that this book's content 
seems to be good. I am not so sure why this book in 
conjuction with MSDN will not be sufficient? Please 
Thanks in advance.

Exam 70-316 and MSPress book

Postby Neel » Mon, 01 Nov 2004 01:38:40 GMT

> I find that this book's content 

MSPress books are always a "SHOW-OFF" business!! The only 
good thing abt MSPRess books are their C\Index loooolz The 
real contet is crap!! I only have less than one year of 
exp. with .Net and i haven't seen anything in the book 
that i am not aware of!! If a person with less than 1 yr 
of exp. knows more than what is covered in the book 
(provided I'm no genius), then u know how the quality of 
the content in the book!! 

I have tried 3-4 books on MCAD & trust me, DO NOT MSPRESS 
BOOK, i can't stress this enough guyz, i'd rather donate 
some money 2 poor ppl than wasting n throwing away my 
money for a MSPress book!!!! 

Go for Que.'s book, it rocks!! 

Neel. --> a MCAD 2 b!! 
= : )

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