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  • 1. Help for the Reference
    Can anyone help where do i get a reference for the 70-316 exam. I have also the the MCAD/MCSD Training guide. But most of the exams i see before is related to database...
  • 2. MCAD being phased out?
    Hi, From looking at the cert web site at Microsoft it appears that MCAD is being phased out for the likes of MCPD, etc. If so I assume it would be better for me to go down the MCPD route. I am a vs2008 vb.net developer specialising in asp.net applications. Thanks in advance for the advice. -- Graham O''Riley
  • 3. Thinking about getting this Certification
    I am thinking about devoting some serious study time towards getting this certification, but I wanted to research what kind of salary someone with this type of certification can command after taking all 3 exams. Any ideas or input is appreciated.

Exam Cram

Postby Cornell » Thu, 09 Dec 2004 06:51:07 GMT

Can anyone tell me if the exam cram books are good? I am 
preparing to take exam 70-306 and have read some good 
reviews. Are the books good enough to pass the exam?


Exam Cram

Postby Sharon » Fri, 10 Dec 2004 04:18:12 GMT

I used the Exam Cram book to prepare for exam 70-306 and I 
recommend it.

Exam Cram

Postby Cornell » Mon, 13 Dec 2004 11:46:57 GMT

Hey thanks for the reply. Would you recommend the exam 
cram series for exam 70-316 as well?


Exam Cram

Postby Sharon » Wed, 15 Dec 2004 04:20:19 GMT

I have used Exam Cram for 70-229 and 70-305 and have found 
them to be good resources. Without knowing anything about 
70-316 I would still recommend the Exam Cram book.

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