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  • 1. About Exam 70-330
    Hello developing friends! I want to ask you all only one question. I'm about obtaining my MCAD here in Spain but I have noticed that the exam 70-330 does not appear in the spanish version of Microsoft MCAD Requirements. There only appear the 70-229, 70-230, 70-234 and the 305, 306, 315 or 316. In Microsoft's international web, in addition to those exams, appear the 70-330 and the 70-340 exams. I ask you if anyone knows if the 70-330 exam is valid or not, because I want to make that exam. Please, answer soon because I want to start studying! Thanks, friends!
  • 2. used Amit Kalani 70-315 book
    hey folks.. I want to prepare for 70-315 test. I am located in cleveland,ohio. If anyone who has already taken the test would like to lend me their prep book / i can buy it , do let me know about it. I am looking for Amit Kalani's book for C# and web applications VS.net Thanks B
  • 3. i recently passed 70-320
    my score was 824. the exam was more difficult than i exptected it to be (even though i thought i was rather well prepared). i am now 2/3 through my mcad. i have passed the core exams and i am considering taking 70-229 next.
  • 4. Transcender is a piece of Junk
    Transcender is a piece of Junk expensive but not helpful at all.
  • 5. Or how about...
    Learning both? That way you future proof your empoyment prospects. "abhinav goyal" < XXXX@XXXXX.COM > wrote in message news: XXXX@XXXXX.COM ... > hi friends, > > My self working in this MT(Microsoft Technologies) from last 5 years > specially on ASP,VBScript,HTML . Mainly developing web applications. I > wants > to upgrade myself so i m thinking to take this MCAD certification. Plz > tell > me wht is the scope of this MCAD. Bcoz i found on net that most of the > jobs > are maily for JAVA people like working in J2EE etc. So u plz tell wht is > the > exact scope of ths MT. Is we Microsoft developers have secure future in > this > .NET. > > I need u r comments so i will able to decide wht i shld do bcoz many of my > frinds suggets me to switch to Sun Technologies. But i like ths micrsoft > very > much. So plz help me. > > I m very greatful to u...

Exam Cram

Postby Cornell » Thu, 09 Dec 2004 06:51:07 GMT

Can anyone tell me if the exam cram books are good? I am 
preparing to take exam 70-306 and have read some good 
reviews. Are the books good enough to pass the exam?


Exam Cram

Postby Sharon » Fri, 10 Dec 2004 04:18:12 GMT

I used the Exam Cram book to prepare for exam 70-306 and I 
recommend it.

Exam Cram

Postby Cornell » Mon, 13 Dec 2004 11:46:57 GMT

Hey thanks for the reply. Would you recommend the exam 
cram series for exam 70-316 as well?


Exam Cram

Postby Sharon » Wed, 15 Dec 2004 04:20:19 GMT

I have used Exam Cram for 70-229 and 70-305 and have found 
them to be good resources. Without knowing anything about 
70-316 I would still recommend the Exam Cram book.

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