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  • 1. M2006 Unsuccessful Update = " Adjust your balance to zero ?"
    Have others seen this ? : new month so I just did a Connect to Online Services ( to fetch a statement) and UNLIKE m2004 it doesn't show me " Successful" or " FAILURE" , instead I see the " Read Online Statement" in the left margin. Since I get dividends and have my money in CASH vs Money Market Fund, I am expecting to see a " does not balance - adjust shares?" box. BUT, tonight it apparently did not connect to any of my funds, so when I clicked NEXT, the program wanted to "adjust my shares" to ZERO ! Would be nice to get a " Cannot Connect" message rather than offering to wipe out all of my info ? Can anyone think of a reason WHY they would do away with a "failure to connect" message ? Do these people operate in a real world ? Are they allowed to go outside and handle their own money - Sheeesh . I went to "View all accounts" and THERE I see: Unsuccessful Update across from the accounts. That's the only way I know that it didn't work - so be careful. They should have an " UPDATE" link on THAT page so the user can see if it worked. Bobb

found the problem

Postby ranjan » Sun, 31 Jul 2005 19:44:44 GMT

I solved the problem in Program setting, by setting the base currency.
Hope this helps others with the same issue.


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1.cannot update one account, cant find the problem

One of my accounts has not been able to update for a few days. Never had 
problem before. I use Money 2007 Deluxe. 

Error message: "Money unable to establish a secure connection to the server 
due to a prolem with the security components on your computer. Error often 
caused by older version of strong encryption." The link offered to fix this 
sadly turns up a "page cant be found" message. (

Updates shows no needed updates, clock is synchronized, password is correct. 
What else can I try? 

Thanks for the help!

2.Mutual fund names and symbols FOUND and NOT FOUND in Money 2007

I just purchased Money 2007.  I converted a Quicken 2004 file that had
over 10 years of transactions spread over 10 or so accounts.  My
problem has come when I've tried to set up the electronic interchange
with several different financial institutions (Ameritrade and JP
Morgan).  Each of these accounts holds mutual funds that are also
being held in other accounts.

When Money stumbles on these mutual funds I see a dialog that
states..."Money found the following investment in your brokerage
statement."   I am given two choices..
1) "This investment is already in my investment portfolio with a
different name.  I use the following..."
2) "Add this as a new investment in my investment portfolio"

Of course, neither of these is correct.  The mutual fund is already in
the portfolio with the correct symbol.  If I choose the first option,
the mutual fund is not in the drop down list.  In fact NONE of my
mutual funds are in the list.  If I choose the second option and try
to add it as a new investment, Money tells me.  "You indicated that
this is a new investment, but an investment already exists with the
same ticker symbol"

Interestingly, there are other drop down lists inside Money where my
mutual funds do all show up (for example in the "Compare with
investment" drop down seen on the investment price history screen).

Thanks in advance for the help


3.Mutual fund names and symbols FOUND and NOT FOUND in Money 200

"Cal Learner-- MVP" wrote:

> I wonder if the security is downloaded as a stock but is defined in
> your file as a mutual fund.

I have a similar problem.  The first security in question is "ISHARES INC 
MSCI PACIFIC EX JAPAN INDEX FD" (symbol EPP) which is an ETF.  It is defined 
in my Money file as an Index.  I don't know how it is defined or if it is 
defined at all, in the downloaded statement. Never-the-less, in reviewing the 
downloaded statement, I am asked to add this investment to my portfolio but 
it already exists in this account and in others. This name does NOT show up 
in the "already existing" investment list.  A possible clue is that the 
investments in the "already existing" list are all stocks (no mutual funds 
and nothing that looks like an index). This might suggest that Fidelity 
considers this investment is a stock.  However, if I try to change the 
investment type to "stock" from "Index", I am told that my "account contains 
transactions not supported by this type."

I have "repaired" my Money file. There were no errors and no help.

What can I try next?

4.i found a solution for invoice designer import/export problem

I have been using money for about four years...and recently opened up
business.  Money sure does have some good solid features...but it sure
doesn't give enough customizability, nor does it give very good
import/export functions.

Anyhow...not to get to far off track, i struggeled to get template
invoices to export and import properly...and kept getting an error
message that would not let me import the inv file.

however, i found a solution:  go to the invoice designer and open up
and existing template.  from the invoice desinger, import an exported
inv file, and your exported template files will be accessible by money.

that was a great find for me :)


5.I have found a solution for the disappearing payee problem

I have duplicated and solved the disappearing payee problem.  I have worked
on the issue for the past day and a half.  I tried many things to figure it
out, but I finally found the combination of events that is necessary to get
the program to make a payee mysteriously vanish from the explicit list.  I
can now make any payee vanish from the explicit list at will by doing a
certain combination of things.

The conditions that are required to duplicate the vanishing payee problem
are as follows:

  1.. You must have the option in money 2003 under the "Online Services" tab
that reads "Replace downloaded payee names with user-altered names when
available" selected.

  2.. You download a transaction that your bank has given the EXACT same
name as a payee in your master list in MS Money (Explanation: say you have a
payee in your Money file called "Tom's Diner" ; a lot of times when you
download a statement from your bank it will have a weird looking name like
"TomDin#2347", but sometimes the name may EXACTLY match the name that is in
your Money file's explicit list.  I.E. the downloaded transaction will also
have the name "Tom's Diner" and be spelled EXACTLY the same as the way you
have it spelled in your explicit payee list.  This is when the problem

  2.. You accept that downloaded transaction when it is matched to a
previously manually entered transaction.

When these conditions are met, the payee will vanish off of the explicit
list and become implicit immediately after accepting the transaction.  There
is then no way to make the payee become explicit again, except for a rename
and find/replace technique that is a pain.

This is definitely a bug, but for now I have found two work arounds to stop
payees from vanishing.

Work around 1:

Deselect the option under the "Online Services" tab that reads "Replace
downloaded payee names with user-altered names when available"

The benefit that is lost by deselecting this option: When Money downloads a
transaction into an account register that does not have any matching
transaction to go with it, Money will not automatically alias a preferred
payee name from the preferred payee names database.  You will either have to
change the payee name to the one that you want to use before you accept the
transaction, or you can just accept the transaction with whatever name is
downloaded from your financial institution.

***If you do your accounting the way that I do, having this option
deselected will not usually affect you.  I always have transactions that I
have first manually entered into Money to match to the downloaded
transactions before I download a statement.  When this is done, the name
that was assigned to the transaction when I entered it manually will stick.
The option to be deselected was designed more so for people that do not
enter their transactions manually before downloading a statement to
reconcile against them.  Instead they like to save time by having Money
create and reconcile their transactions simultaneously when the accept
button is selected on their downloaded transactions.

Work around 2: (if you desire to keep the "Replace downloaded payee names
with user-altered names when available" option selected)

Rename the payees in your Money file to names that are very unlikely to ever
be exactly the same as the payees that your financial institution assigns.
This will not affect transaction matching very much.  Money can still do a
good job at matching downloaded transactions even though the payee names may
not be spelled identically.  Things like dates, amounts, check numbers, etc.
still let Money be quite accurate when matching downloaded transactions.  In
addition, when you do match an unequal name for the first time, Money will
then add that name to the payee names variation list for that payee, so that
future matches for that payee will be even easier for Money to cipher.  A
simple way to change the payee names in your money file to accomplish this
work around would be to append all of them with a special character like one
of these  "~$%^*&*!+" So instead of calling a payee "Tom's Diner" call it
"Tom's Diner*".  This work around will not work for online enabled payees,
because their names are locked after the first payment to them is made, but
when creating future online payee names, you can give this some
consideration before deciding on a name for them.

If you follow these steps, you can stop payees from disappearing from your
explicit list.

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