bills project, deposits don't



  • 1. Cash Organizer help, anyone ?
    I hope that some of the people browsing this forum use this program (Cash Organizer from Inesoft). I've been using it for about 2 months now & have been pretty happy with it, except for the fact that there's no user forum & developers don't answer any questions. (on the plus side, this is the only 3rd party PPC program out of all that I tried, that doesn't have sync issues). Here's my biggest problem: If I have a bill set up at my bank to be paid at a future date, say on 8/30, I go into my Money or Cash Organizer and enter it into the register. I also have some planned transactions that will occur prior to the bill. I enter those in CO's Planner. Here's the problem: when doing account forecast, the planned transactions are counted after those already entered, regardless of date. So, say I have $1000 in my account on 7/1, $1800 planned transaction on 7/30, and $(2000) future transaction (entered in register) on 8/30. Looking at register without forecast, I see $1000 balance on 7/1, and $(1000) on 9/1. If I enable forecast, say for 9/1, I have then $1000 on 7/1, $(1000) on 7/25 and $800 on 7/30 - in other words, the transaction entered for august gets counted before transaction planned for july, so the balance between today and end of july is off. Am I doing something wrong ? I didn't find any options to change the way this is presented. Also, what's your method ?
  • 2. viewing downloaded transactions in Money 2004 Deluxe?
    In, Dave K wrote: >I'm using Microsoft Money 2004 Deluxe with Windows XP SP2 Home edition. >After downloading transactions from my bank, and importing the file into >Money, Money shows the Statements to Read page with an arrow next to a link >to the account. The link takes me to the account view, but no new >transactions are displayed. (the bank web site shows several). Both Money >and Quicken download formats were tried. I've been fiddling with >Tools>Options without success. Any suggestions appreciated, thanks in >advance. In Internet Explorer delete your browser temporary files with Tools->InternetOptions->DeleteFiles. Then in Money do File->RepairMoneyFile->QuickFileRepair. Does that do it?
  • 3. Online statements download date wrong
    Hi, I'm using money 2004 standard edition on Windows XP prof Sp2 with internet explorer 7 beta 2. On the "view downloaded balances" screen, the download date remains unchanged from 2005-05-31 and the balance is also incorrect no matter that I continue to download daily. Not sure how to fix this as I am not receiving any import errors etc when downloading statements. I've tried the money repair option but this had no effect. Thanks
  • 4. Portfolio Manager is Gray
    In Money 2006 when I go to Portfolio Manager I get a header bar at the top that looks good but the content window is just a couple of gray regions. I've searched and see others reporting the problem as far back as 2004, but haven't seen any answers. I've verified that if I go to and get into the Portfolio that way (I See the Chart!). I get the same gray page. I've read the article on how to uninstall MSN Investor Toolbox but none of the steps apply to my situation. It says to use Add/Remove to remove MSN Investor Toolbox, but that isn't showing up on the list. It has me look for various OCXs, none of which are on the system. I suspect the uninstall article may be out of date, but I don't really know. How do I well and mightily get MSN Investor off the system so I can install it clean (beyond doing an FDISK) Thanks.

bills project, deposits don't

Postby Bruce » Mon, 29 Dec 2003 03:13:44 GMT

Money is projecting some bills one month, less for 2 
months, a few for 3 month, and only 1 for the next 4 
But is not projecting my direct deposit pay check at all.
Why the different projections?
How can I get it to project the direct deposit?
P.S. all the bills and deposits show up in the graph.

bills project, deposits don't

Postby Bruce email » Mon, 29 Dec 2003 03:26:57 GMT

forgot to mention, this is a temporary email just for 
this discussion group. Feel free to respond.

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> ~~Robb

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