Budget Amounts Do Not Show Up!



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    After many trials and tribulations, I am finally at a point in Money 2005 where I can start to think about the finer points of the program. I am still confused by the relationship between my MSN Bill Pay account and my regular banking account. Once something gets sent from Bill Pay, and the check gets depositied in my bank account, it shows up in my bank account register. However, it also shows up in my Bill Pay account as a negative sum. My question is: How to get these two disparate pieces of information to work together. Perhaps I'm missing something (this is probably the sort of thing that a "manual" would have been helpful for). -- cheers, Tom G
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    Yall, This issue is plaguing me for a while already. It happens that I installed Money 2005 SB and now I am unable to manage online services. When I try to go to set up online services, I chose credit card, and right after I am presented with a red font message saying To set up your accounts, you must be online. Please close Money, and then sign in to your file. When you sign in, make sure the Work offline box is cleared. The work offline is not set at File Menu so I am at a loss here. In addition, if I try to alter my passport at Password Manager I am presented with a message saying that he sign-in information could not be verified. Please try again laterbut this never works. Yes I am online, my passport works well!! I have even tried to create a new account but get a similar message as above and my new account is ffline for all purposes!!! Any help is appreciated. Cheers, Andre Rosenthal, MBA, CTE, MCSD , MCDBA, MCSE, MCT
  • 3. online statement download problem in money 2000
    Hello I own Money 2000 deluxe. My financial institution informed me that they changed the format of the downloaded file to support latest version of money. They told me that MSFT has a patch that will allow older versions of money to download and use new file format. Anyone knows weather this is true and weather you would know the download link to the patch? Thanks Sasha
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    I just googled and found a CompUSA bundle that expired yesterday (my timing is as good as ever...). I'm going to buy TaxCut anyway, and if I can get a deal on M05 at the same time, that would be a good idea. Can anyone reply w/a pointer to any deals currently available? Thanks!
  • 5. Gains or Returns
    It seems that Money 2005 incorrectly uses the word gains for returns. For example, it includes divendends in the total unrealized/realized Gains. Gains should just be the difference between the cost and the sale. The return should include the total change in value of a portfolio (realized/unrealized gains and dividends). Why is this?

Budget Amounts Do Not Show Up!

Postby cmNsMjQ » Wed, 09 Feb 2005 10:35:05 GMT

My entered budget amounts do not show up correctly for instance I enter $75 
for gas and it shows up as 68.99.  Why is this and what can I do to make it 
appear the way I entered it?

RE: Budget Amounts Do Not Show Up!

Postby dGNsYXVnaG5lcg » Fri, 11 Feb 2005 13:33:04 GMT

I've had the same problem. It appears that it's  a problem unique to 
February, due to the short month. Microsoft has acknowledge to me that it's  
a problem, but hasn't responded to my questions about how it's going to be 
fixed. Money is pretty much useless this month.

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is throwing my cash flow off since the software thinks I 
have budgeted more than I paid.  This payment is setup 
under the bills section as a recurring payment.  I have 
another monthly payment that is doing the same thing to me 
and can't figure out where to get the amount under the 
budgeted column down to showing only a single payment.  
All the others that I have setup are correct, just these 

Any help would be appreciated.  I've looked in the on-line 
help wothout success.  Tried deleting the recurring 
payment and setting it back up again.  Even saw where two 
payments were credited in the same month so I deleted one 
and put it in the month prior, where it should have beeen 
recorded in the first place.  I think under options I had 
selected that Money records the entry in the register when 
it is processed by the bank. (the payee held onto the 
check and deposited two in the same month...)


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