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  • 1. Global Variables and Static
    Hi everyone I want to know how I can use global variables - so that a sub in one module can communicate with a sub in a different module. I suspect that the word "static" might have the answer. Currently I'm using a class called GlobalStuff to hold my global variable - name. I then use class2 to set name to a string. In class3 I want to be able to extract the value class2 put into GlobalStuff - but when I reference GlobalStuff I have to create a new instance, and the variable is reset to empty The point of this is to build a control to close a report - my client has an aversion to the "x" button on the window for some reason Any help gratefully received...
  • 2. Macros vs. VBA
    IS there a way to convert a Macro or many Macros into VBA code? A Utility? A menu Option? Thanks for any insight.
  • 3. Comparing a field in consecutive records
    I have a table of datestamped transactions on a system for the various people using the system (each record also references the user). What I want to do is, for each user, calculate the elapse time between each transaction. I will probably then filter for excessive elapse times. What is my best (and fastest, 10s of thousands of records) method of doing this? Thank you
  • 4. Using VBA code to create a command bar entry to open a form
    I have VBA to that creates a command bar and the buttons on the bar. I have no problem getting it to run a macro or a function (using the onaction property). However, I cannot get it to open a form. What parameters do I need to set when I create the button so that it can open a form directly. I compared it to one that I created "by hand" and I can't see any difference so it must be some hidden value somewhere. I suppose I could run a macro to do it but that would be very ugly. Any ideas? -- Jonathan Blitz AnyKey Limited Israel "When things seem bad Don't worry and shout Just count up the times Things have worked themselves out."
  • 5. Shortcut to run a Sub
    Is there a way to create a shortcut icon to run a Sub that is in an Access 2000 module? Right now i can only run it while the Module is open. thanks in advance for any help. matthew.

Free Copy of Visual Basic .NET 2003 Standard Edition

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