create table using access 2000 connecting to SQL Server 2000

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    Are you using the query grid (view) to build the query or are you doing so in the SQL window? Can you post the SQL text (View: SQL) of the query that works? I suspect you are using an "totals" (aggregate) query and have not included GROUP BY clause for any fields you are not aggregating. -- John Spencer Access MVP 2002-2005, 2007 Center for Health Program Development and Management University of Maryland Baltimore County . "Engels" < XXXX@XXXXX.COM > wrote in message news: XXXX@XXXXX.COM ... > > I have a query that uses an expression to add and multiply several fields > in > the same table. > > ie [Table1] ((Field 2 + Field 3) * (Field 4)) > > This workks fine except i am unsure how i now use this data > > I can't include anyother fields to group by in the query (ie to sort by > Field 1 the Primary Key) or it will not run and produces an error msg > saying > "You tried to execute a query that does not include the specified > expression > ('as above)' as part of an agregate function > > I want to use the result of the query to display on a form based upon a > select from this query on a field in the same table that this query runs > from. >
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    I have a database where the salespeople enter general info regarding a new order. They then click on a button that runs an append query which appends the data from the current order into a table located in a separate database. Is there a way that the append query can append data to 2 separate tables, i.e., some fields would be appended into tblOrders and some fields would be appended into tblMfgData? I don't think that's possible, so if not, how can I accomplish this? Would I need to create a button that runs 2 distinct append queries - one to append data into tblOrders and another to append data into tblMfgData...or is there a better/easier way to do this? Thanks for any help, Darrell
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    Our current function is ... EndDate() >= Date() ... which is used to screen out any results prior to today's date. We would like to modify this so that instead of today's date we would use the date 2 months prior to today's date, so that, for example the EndDate() on 1/22/07 would be 11/22/06. Would appreciate help on the format for this. Thanks in advance! Rick
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    I assume you will be creating a form with fields for A,B,C etc. that the user can fill in their query criteria. You would need to construct a query with all the notNull field strung together with AND clauses Select * from Table1 WHERE A="x' AND C="y" AND F="z" "LTrahan" wrote: > I want to create a query (if possible) that would search one table for fields > A,B,C,D,E, & F. A user will enter the values for these fields. Not all > fileds will have a value entered, they will be null. An example may be a > search for A, B, AND C (where each record contains values matching each--not > one record with A&B, then another with only C, etc...). Another for only E. > Another for A & F, etc... > > Would creating a query that would: pull all records matching A, then a > subquery pulling all records out of that initial query that matches B, then > another subquery that pulls records from the first subquery to find matches > for C, etc... work? > > I am stumped!
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create table using access 2000 connecting to SQL Server 2000

Postby Q2hyaXM » Sun, 13 Jun 2004 02:41:01 GMT


I have created an Access 2000 database which links to all the tables on a remote SQL Server 2000 database.

How do I write the sql statement (or modify the sql statement generated in the query design mode) so that in a create table statement the table is created on the server?

currently any unmodified create table statement will create it on the local acess database.

I'd appreciate how to create the tables on the actual server and have the linked connection automatically be generated. Is this possible?

or should I be developing in Query analyzer or the query builder in enterprise manager?

any other suggests to a development architecture would be appreicated, thank you

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