Q: Parameter driven queries sometimes ask multiple times...

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  • 1. Perhaps my question was misleading.
    in the design view click on the propperty sheet If this doesn't show the query properties, click on the area below where you have set your fields and filters, this will show the query propperties > On Wednesday, December 05, 2007 10:46 AM Nor wrote: > I am working with an ODBC connection to an SQL database. In attempting to > create a simple query for unique values in a field, I would expect to right > click in the quey and request properties. The only information that appears > in the property sheeet is the data source name. Is it a problem with the > ODBC connection? >> On Wednesday, December 05, 2007 1:22 PM ruper wrote: >> You need to know what tables and columns are in the database you are >> connecting to. I dont think Access can tell that since its not within the >> Access database. >> >> -Dorian >> >> "Norm" wrote: >>> On Wednesday, December 05, 2007 5:07 PM Nor wrote: >>> Perhaps my question was misleading. With previous versions of access, I was >>> able to set the property of the query to unique values and when I try to >>> perform the same request I do not see this as an option. The tables are in a >>> SQL database. I am using and ODBC connection to the tables. >>> >>> "mscertified" wrote:
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Q: Parameter driven queries sometimes ask multiple times...

Postby TWFyaw » Thu, 29 Sep 2005 03:39:22 GMT

Using Access 2000.

Okay, sometimes I'll write a query that has date parameters, something like
"select * from table where [process_date] between [select start date] and 
[select end date]"

[select start date] and [select end date] are parameters where the user 
enters the start/end dates. 

I've done this query before, no problems. However, on one particular query, 
it'll ask the user to supply the start and end dates 3 times. It doesn't 
always do this. When I compact the db, it goes back to the regular asking 1 
time. But then it goes back to asking 3 times after running the query. 

I doubt if this is a query design problem. If it was, the error would be 
consistent, but it's not. I'm assuming it's some sort of bug and am wondering 
if anyone else has come across it.


RE: Q: Parameter driven queries sometimes ask multiple times...

Postby T2Zlcg » Thu, 29 Sep 2005 05:43:01 GMT

Not with this error, but some other strange messages, I found out that the 
best thing to do is to create a new query.
Dont copy and paste the sql, write the all thing, it had 90% of success
I hope that helped
Good luck

RE: Q: Parameter driven queries sometimes ask multiple times...

Postby JzY5IENhbWFybw » Thu, 29 Sep 2005 06:09:04 GMT

Hi, Mark.

The two most likely reasons you are getting this effect that "accummulates" 
over time are:

1.)  Track Name AutoCorrect is turned on;  (Turn this off!) or

2.)  A sort order or filter was applied to the query while it was open, then 
the user selected the "Yes" button when prompted to save the changes to the 
query.  To get rid of these extra prompts, just open the query in Design 
View, right click in the upper pane of the QBE grid, and select 
"Properties..." from the pop-up menu.  Scroll down to the Order By and Filter 
Properties and delete these values, then save the form and open it in 
Datasheet View again.  You should only be prompted once for the parameter -- 
until someone applies another sort order or filter again.


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RE: Q: Parameter driven queries sometimes ask multiple times...

Postby TWFyaw » Thu, 29 Sep 2005 08:45:04 GMT

Thanks! I gotta check out if #2 is the case. Now I actually want to see the 
error again...


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"Marshall Barton" wrote:

> JohnLute wrote:
> >I posted this previously but the resolution didn't work and was rather 
> >complicated. I'm wondering if there's a more simple approach.
> >
> >I have a parameter query in a subreport that works fine. However, when I add 
> >this subreport to the main report and execute it the parameter query prompts 
> >me four times before it finally returns the report. The Master/Child fileds 
> >are setup properly.
> >
> >I can't see where/why this is happening. Any ideas?
> You are being prompted each time the subreport appears in
> the main report.
> A better way is to use a form for the user to enter the
> parameter value.  Then modify the query to refer to the text
> box on the form instead of using a prompt string (e.g.
> Forms!theparameterform.thetextbox).
> -- 
> Marsh
> MVP [MS Access]

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