List records with recent month and previous 2

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List records with recent month and previous 2

Postby QUJN » Sun, 25 Mar 2007 00:49:29 GMT

I would like to create a query that would detect the most recent month and 
would list those records as well as records with dates from the previous 2 
months.  All dates are end-of-month values.    01/31/07, 12/31/06, 11/30/06, 
10/31/06 etc.

RE: List records with recent month and previous 2

Postby SmVycnkgV2hpdHRsZQ » Sun, 25 Mar 2007 01:31:03 GMT

Put something like the following in the criteria of the date field. Replace 
both "ex_date" with the field name and "tblDates" with the table name, You 
might also need to change the -2 to -3. 

Between DMax("ex_date","tblDates") And 

If you have a lot of records, like in the tens of thousands, the DMax 
function could be rather slow. I would help if your date field is indexed.
Jerry Whittle, Microsoft Access MVP 
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Re: List records with recent month and previous 2

Postby John Spencer » Sun, 25 Mar 2007 01:50:25 GMT

Field: YourDateField
Criteria: Between DateSerial(Year(Date()),Month(Date())-2,0) And 

John Spencer
Access MVP 2002-2005, 2007
Center for Health Program Development and Management
University of Maryland Baltimore County

Re: List records with recent month and previous 2

Postby Michael Gramelspacher » Sun, 25 Mar 2007 06:38:49 GMT

In article <65E2B6A1-09E9-435C-9D98-
maybe something like this would also work (Northwind Query):

PARAMETERS [Enter Date:] DateTime;
FROM Orders INNER JOIN [Order Subtotals] ON Orders.OrderID=
[Order Subtotals].OrderID
WHERE Orders.ShippedDate Is Not Null And datediff("m", 
0,Orders.ShippedDate) between DATEDIFF("m",0,[Enter Date:])-2 
And DATEDIFF("m",0,[Enter Date:])
ORDER BY Orders.ShippedDate;

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