Access 97 db on Win NT runs fine but on Access 97 XP has issues

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  • 1. MS Common Dialog Control
    Hi, I am using Access 2000 and I attempt to add the MS Common Dialog Control (Version 6.0) on a form. However, it says that "You don't have the license to use this ActiveX Control". I would like to know how can I buy / obtain the license to do so ? Thanks
  • 2. Downloading & Updating
    DW wrote: > Is there away to tranfer microsoft updates and addins to a computer > that does not connect to thed internet. Sorry. This is a newsgroup dedicated to questions about Access, the database program in Office Professional. It appears your question may not be related to these subjects. The Microsoft help system is not all that clear and may have misdirected you here. It is best to ask your questions in a newsgroup dedicated to the subject of your question. You should find people better able to address your problem there. Note: It is always best to indicate the name and version of any program(s) you may be using when asking a question and also indicate the operating system (like Windows XP or 98) when you ask a question. -- Joseph Meehan Dia duit
  • 3. Error Message - Data Provider Could not be initialized
    I am currently using an Access database to produce reports. In order to allow the users (of the reports) to retrieve the data held within the database I am trying to create Data Access Pages but the users are currently having problems accessing these pages. I can access them Ok but when any of my users try to open the pages they get an error message "Data provider could not be initialized" From what I can gather it may be an issue from the connection string but I have checked this and tested it and this seems fine - any ideas?
  • 4. Drop down list to open a from at a specific record
    hey All, I have a small form that has one drop down list on it. I would like to open a form at the record selected in the drop down list... Eg: User selects John Smith in drop down on FromA and then FromB opens up at the revcord for John Smith. I have the form opening up, but cant get it to go to John Smith. It goes to the first record. Would I be best to use the after-open command to look at the data in the combo? Cheers -J
  • 5. Anyone used the Time and Billing sample database?
    I'm using the Time and Billing sample database that comes with Access 2000. However I need to change a few things and one of them is invoices. Although there is a screen that calculates the invoice and creates a print there is no way of saving the invoices for future reference. Also the invoice number has to be manually input rather than it being created automatically. Has anyone used this database and developed an invoice system within it? If so would you be prepared to point me in the right direction. TIA Tony

Access 97 db on Win NT runs fine but on Access 97 XP has issues

Postby Jim Z » Fri, 10 Sep 2004 07:04:27 GMT

I have a database which runs great on Access 97 on Winnt 
but when I try to place it on an Windows XP PC with Access 
97, I receive the very, very basic message of "There has 
been an error executing the command", this happens on 
every menu item. Does anyone have any ideas?

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table, etc.) throws a "Compile Error" and brings me into the vba code
debugger where a good 2/3 of code from a module in the db is missing,
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logical since most of the code has vanished.)

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