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  • 1. Close form without saving
    I have a form where we add new debtor records. It has a Save button which works fine when a new record has been created. It saves the record and closes the form. It also has a Close button which should close the form WITHOUT saving anything that has been entered, such as when the user decides to abort for some reason. However, at the moment it does save and create a new record in the underlying table. How can I prevent this, i.e. get it to do a close and NOT save? I am using the code shown below, on the Click event of the Close button. Many thanks CW Private Sub DebtorFormCloseBtn_Click() On Error GoTo Err_DebtorFormCloseBtn_Click DoCmd.Close Exit_DebtorFormCloseBtn_Click: Exit Sub Err_DebtorFormCloseBtn_Click: MsgBox Err.Description Resume Exit_DebtorFormCloseBtn_Click End Sub
  • 2. how do i get a macro/code to open a specific switchboard page
    hi i have four switchboards (patient, staff, lists, accounts) with patient being default but i need to open the staff switchboard using either a macro or VBA thanks
  • 3. Creating a calculated field using dates in a form
    I am trying to use dates from 2 fields in a form (HireDate-DOB) to calculate age. Then, using the age, I want to display a message if the age is less than 18. I think I have written a conditional statement correctly, but am unsure where to place it so that the message displays when the condition is met. I am totally new to Access 2007 and VB.

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