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Re: Crashed Office 2000, Win 98 Files

Postby Damien McBain » Thu, 19 Aug 2004 23:11:27 GMT

"They are in the registry and " & (probably) & " unrecoverable :("

Try to find your personal macro workbook for excel (personal.xls)
Don't even re-install Word
What could you have possibly customised in Access unless you have developed
some ds's, in which case just get those.

BTW this is a MS Access specific ng. You may get a better response on

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"JoAnn Paules [MSFT MVP]" wrote:

> No, there isn't. Since you no longer have your disks, your only option is to 
> see what you can find on eBay or something similar to that.
> -- 
> JoAnn Paules
> MVP Microsoft [Publisher]
> "terry" < XXXX@XXXXX.COM > wrote in message 
> news: XXXX@XXXXX.COM ...
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> > to have word 97 but my computer crashed and wiped word out of my 
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