Install Access 97 hangs (from office 97 professional upgrade) on Xp home edition

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    As I've posted several times into this newsgroup I have purchased the beta version of Office 2003. For whatever reason, and no one here or anywhere else seems to be able to know the answer to my problem, I cannot load the Northwinds database for reasons I have posted previously. Does anyone know where I can download Northwinds for Access?

Install Access 97 hangs (from office 97 professional upgrade) on Xp home edition

Postby marc pouliot » Wed, 10 Nov 2004 01:52:58 GMT

I realized that some people are still using Access 97.
So, I tried to install my version on XP Home.  It is an upgrade version, so 
it searches for already installed software and should prompt for a disk 
(ette) if not found.  I do not have a diskette on my laptop, but I figured I 
could use the network connected to a PC that has one.  Nevertheless, the 
installation software does not reach that point, it just hangs there 
"searching" the disc.
Suggestions ?
Should I install Office 95 !! ??  (*%/&/% upgrades !!!)
I just need to provide a client with a small interface to input data, I 
though of using a small Access program to enter the transactions.

thank you
Marc Pouliot 

Re: Install Access 97 hangs (from office 97 professional upgrade) on Xp home edition

Postby Douglas J. Steele » Wed, 10 Nov 2004 02:19:04 GMT

Do you have a full version of Office, or an upgrade version? If it's an
upgrade version, then the qualifying product you're upgrading from must be
accessible for the installation to be successful.


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