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  • 1. Export report to PDF file format.
    How do export report to PDF file format automatically by using programming code in MS Access such as "Function FileToPDF(strInputPostScript As String, strOutputPDF As String, strJobOptions As String) As Integer". Who can complete the routine in this function code? Thanks.
  • 2. Vertical line height and blank rows
    I have a report with multiple vertical lines and multiple rows of text in a can grow text box. I wanted to make the vertical lines the same height as the text box and found the fTextHeight function through your site which works great to set the lines' heights. However, between each line detail of information, the lines are leaving about a fourth inch of blank space with no lines nor any print. I am using this in Access 2003. How can I make my vertical lines meet the next row? There is no space on my report design between the detail section and the page footer section which is fairly wide. -- THX
  • 3. how to generate a sequential number on a report?
    hello devs, I have a "simple" challenge: Is it possible to generated a sequential number on a report for each page, starting on a number entered by the user? Note: If possible, this number should not be recorded in the database, only generated temporaly for the report.
  • 4. Print current date
    I have a form using as a record source a query in which there is a date field. I want to print a report using the query which contains only those records in which the date field is the same as the system date. How do I do this, please? Ivor
  • 5. Based a report on the current filtered recordset
    On my form I go to various controls and use the filter by and filter excludingselection. Eventually getting a small number of records in my current records set. I would like my reports to use only the current filtered recordset. The filtering will always change. How do I base a report on this everchanging filtered recordset. thanks

Print Preview --> Print MSAccess 2003

Postby SWFuIEZyeQ » Wed, 27 Feb 2008 09:26:01 GMT

I am doing calculations and running totals and populating unbound controls.
Should these calcs be in On Format or On Print?

The symptom I am getting is that navigating through the Print Preview is OK 
(totals are explicitly set to 0 in Report Header), but if I then use Print, 
the calcs are firing again, for each time I press print.
The incorrect result is Only on the printed version, the screen version 
rermains correct.

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UserName = "Barry"
FromDate = "2003 08 04"
ToDate = "2003 08 04"

strRptName = "Time Card"

strWhere = "UserName = 'Barry' and DateNum >= 37837 and DateNum <= 37844

strFilter = "" 'no filter

intDisplay = acPreview

objAccess.DoCmd.OpenReport strRptName, intDisplay, strFilter, strWhere

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User:   Barry
From: August 4, 2003
To:     August 4, 2003

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Barry G. Sumpter

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