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  • 1. moved database
    I created a small database in a folder that had restricted access (only certain log-ins could get to the folder). I have since moved the database in its entirety to another folder that allows open access. The users that had access to the original secure folder still have access, but the new users that have have been given access still cannot get in to the database (they can get to the secured folder, just not the file). I don't typically deal with Access security. Does some "memory" of where that database was created and its security follow it to another location? Dave
  • 2. Multiple users able to access MS Access 2003 Dbase
    We have two Access 2003 dbases that were set up to allow simultaneous user access without any problems up to five months ago. Now, only one user is able to access the dbase at any time. We checked all our settings and they're correct to allow multiple access. Does anyone know of a fix? This might have been caused by one of the "Black Tuesday" patches Thanks
  • 3. best practice for remote access through AD
    We need to find out what MS recommends as far as a network configuration est practiceto allow non-employees access to a specific application on a server on our 2003 Active Directory network. More specifically, the application is a client/server model. Also, we are looking for a ightsecurity solution here. We really do not want the remote users to be able to browse our internal network, only run the specific application. Thanks!
  • 4. Access 2003 security setup
    I recently created a database in Access 2003 and included all the data generated by three different groups in three separate tables. When the database was created, while trying to set up layers of security for each of the three groups, I ended up setting the level of security to "very high The problem now is that when I try to open the database again, I can't because it is telling me the following: "Security setting restricts access to the file because it is not digitally signed". How can open this database again? I really appreciate your help
  • 5. Difference in Security for 2003 and 2007 for MDB
    I am only concerned with MDB files. I have heard/read that there may be some differences between the way past Access versions handle security and the way it is handled in 2007. I mean specifically databases that have workgroup-based security. However, I cannot find any clear information from Microsoft or a third-party on this. Is there a good authoritative source? Thanks, Tony

warning message Access 2000 cant turn off

Postby Mike » Wed, 26 Nov 2003 08:13:14 GMT

I am running a docmd "openhyperlink" and when the 
hyperlink is about to be loaded a message appears 

"Some files can contain viruses or otherwise harmful to 
your computer, it is important to be certain that the file 
is from a trustworthy source" Would you like to open the 

I have spent hours trying to turn this message off, does 
anyone know how to disable this message. I have 
tried "Setwarnings" with no luck.

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Insert into your macro as the first step:
    Action: SetWarnings
        Expression:  No

Then insert after the queries are run:
        Action: SetWarnings
        Expression:  Yes

       Ken Snell

"Doug Hart" < XXXX@XXXXX.COM > wrote in message
news:02bb01c34578$e6cafa80$ XXXX@XXXXX.COM ...
> I have an application that uses Access Runtime.  How do I
> turn off the warning messages when queries are executed?
> The screen comes up and offers a "Help" button, but then
> displays nothing when I click on it.  I cannot find any
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> interaction as part of an unattended overnight process.
> Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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on extra buttons.  Thanks for the help.  Randy

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