Visual 2003 standard

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  • 1. MS Access Web applications
    Can anyone point me to a demo MS Access front end web application that requires keyboard data entry - not just from look up information. I wish to see how fast the process works. The alternative (VB & ASP) is not an alternative at this stage. Thanks Macadair
  • 2. can I install 97 and 2003 on same XP computer?
    Can I install Access 97 and Access 2003 on the computer running XP prof? I need to run some CD databases made in 97 and which for some unknown reason cannot be opened or converted in 2003 because of some macro issue. Beemer
  • 3. my product key doesn't work
    hi everytime i try and install my micrisift office--the product key does not work what do i do
  • 4. Mouse Right-click not working
    In "some" Access databases, when I try to use my right-click button on the mouse, nothing happens. I can highlight an item, (table, query, record...) with it, but that's all it will do. If I want to copy, paste, etc I must go to the Edit Dropdown menu or use the keyboard shortcuts. This problem occurs only on some Access databases, not all of them. It has happened in all versions of Access, from 97 to 03, (which I'm currently using) and with several different mouses. If I copy the db, the problem goes along with the new copy. The right-mouse-click works fine everywhere else, and if I open a different db, it works fine there as well. A strange, annoying problem.....just wondering if anyone out there ever ran across it or has any ideas. Thanks Sara

Visual 2003 standard

Postby bXVzaWNfY2hpY2s1 » Sun, 12 Jun 2005 04:06:59 GMT

I am trying to reinstall viusal 2003 standard but whenever i try, 
it says "insert prerequisite disc" and then it cycles through loading a 
{*filter*} program, and then uninstalling, reinstalling, etc. 
Can anyone help me get past the prerequisite disc?

Re: Visual 2003 standard

Postby Douglas J. Steele » Sun, 12 Jun 2005 07:23:01 GMT

I'd suggest asking in a newsgroup related to Dotnet.

This newsgroup is for questions about setting up and configuing Access, the 
database product that's part of Office Professional.

Doug Steele, Microsoft Access MVP
(no e-mails, please!)

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