Visual 2003 standard

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  • 1. Disabling Confirmation Messages
    My users are logging onto Access secured applications and are presented with confirmation messages for Deletes/Updates etc. I can easily change the flags to OFF in the Tools/Edit menu, however this has to be done for each user accessing the PC as the setting seems to be user based not application or PC based. Is there a way of altering the settings for these flags to NO within an application using code?
  • 2. Blank Date Field
    I am using an ASP page to update/create records in Access. Here is the problem - if I set a field to be a Date field in the DB, (yes the # instead of ' is used in the code...) it doesn't work if the field is left blank. If I type in a date, it does work. I tried setting a default value in Access, but that didn't work either. Help!
  • 3. Data Access page source
    I created a small .mdb in Access 2000, 1 table, about 4oo records, and 1 data access page. I uploaded the page to a web server hosted by I set the datasource to: Data Source=ExcelXP.mdb;Mode=Share Deny None; When I load the html page from the web server, I get the follwowing errors: Microsoft Internet Explorer dialog box stating: "Data provider could not be initialized." immediately followed by a second Microsoft Internet Explorer dialog box stating: Not a valid file name. then the html page shows #Name? in all the fields. Can anyone tell me what I'm doing wrong? send email to XXXX@XXXXX.COM thanks, Tim

Visual 2003 standard

Postby bXVzaWNfY2hpY2s1 » Sun, 12 Jun 2005 04:06:59 GMT

I am trying to reinstall viusal 2003 standard but whenever i try, 
it says "insert prerequisite disc" and then it cycles through loading a 
{*filter*} program, and then uninstalling, reinstalling, etc. 
Can anyone help me get past the prerequisite disc?

Re: Visual 2003 standard

Postby Douglas J. Steele » Sun, 12 Jun 2005 07:23:01 GMT

I'd suggest asking in a newsgroup related to Dotnet.

This newsgroup is for questions about setting up and configuing Access, the 
database product that's part of Office Professional.

Doug Steele, Microsoft Access MVP
(no e-mails, please!)

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