Access 2000 runtime install problem and Office XP ( without access xp) on same machine

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Access 2000 runtime install problem and Office XP ( without access xp) on same machine

Postby Grant » Wed, 23 Jul 2003 04:30:52 GMT

Hey all,
            I am having a problem installing Access 2000 runtime on a
machine. The machine has Office XP installed on it but it is the SBE version
which DOES NOT include a version of Access XP. When I try to install the
2000 runtime it will get about 1/2 - 3/4 of the way through and then just
sits there and will not finish. Does anyone have a idea about what is going
on or have a solution to this problem ?

Thanks in advance,


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After much ado, I'm coming to the conclusion that the Access XP
runtime does not work at all. I've followed the following procedures:

1. Performed clean Windows 2000 Professional installation with Service
Pack 2

2.  Created a distribution setup on development Windows 2000
Professional machine, with Office XP Developers Ed. installed, with a
.mdb file which I made sure I could open with Access XP using
Packaging Wizard...included Runtime.

3.  Ran installation on clean Windows 2000 machine.

4. Ran shortcut created in Start...Program Files...MyApp menu

At this point, the Access runtime shell popped up with nothing
available inside.  Literally nothing... Basically, all I could do was
close the shell. I was doing this just to test to see if my problems
were with the runtime, which they seem to be.

My immediate problem is in a visual basic application I'm trying to
distribute.  The .mdb contains linked tables to our SQL Server and a
number of reports.  The error occurs at the line where I instantiate
my Access.Application object. The vb project has a reference to the
Microsoft Access 10.0 Object library located in the "C:\Program
Files\Microsoft Office\ Office10\" directory. The file MSACC.OLB has
been installed and registered along with the package on the target
machine. However, when the code hits the line "Set accApp =
CreateObject("Access.Application"), it errors with the message
"Run-Time Error '429': ActiveX component can't create object.". I've
tried this method of object creation as well as Dim'ming the accApp
object directly as Access.Application and changing the Set command to
"Set accApp = New Access.Application", but it gives the exact same
error at the exact same spot. Both the development machine and the
target machine are Windows 2000. I've tried installing the app on a
Win2K service pack 4 machine (same as development machine) and a Win2K
service pack 2 machine (clean machine with only Windows and Access XP
Runtime installed) and get the same result on all.

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Thanks in advance,

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