MS Access export to text file decimal round off problem


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    Is there a runtime program to allow you to run an access database (.mdb) on a computer without access installed. I am using access 2002. Thanks Perry
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    Running an Access2000 application in Access 2003 and getting the 3231 run-time error. This application has all linked tables some of which are Access and the rest are DB2. In the environment of Access2000 and DB2 v7.1 FP 6, it runs sucessfully. Execute the SAME .MDB from Access2003 and DB2 v8.l FP 5 or from Access2000 and DB2 V8.1 FP 5 it fails with the 3231 error. I have looked at the references in Access and made all the selections possible only to get the same error. The query that populates the form runs fine when I execute it by itself from the query tab in Access. Is there an ODBC setting in a patch that I can set to relieve this error? Any ideas to help me will be appreciated! Thank you.
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    I am trying to modify an Access form that allows a user to specify the information s/he needs from a census-type database. The form's code builds a SQL statement from the user's request, and creates from this a record set that is used to populate a new Excel workbook. The form's code opens the new workbook and writes both a datasheet and a graph based on the data to it. The graph appears on the user's screen very briefly and then disappears as the workbook is closed as soon as all information has been written to it. I have tried to put a MsgBox in the Access code immediately before the statement that closes the Excel Application. This allows the graph [& an opportunity to switch to the Excel data screen] to remain on screen but the Excel application is using all the screen space so that the MsgBox that I want to function as a "return to form execution button" remains hidden. I can return to the form by clicking its minimized icon but I'd like that more obtrusive MsgBox button visible for a user while s/he's seeing the Excel output. So can I customize the Excel display screen within the Acess form? thanks, --thelma

MS Access export to text file decimal round off problem

Postby brotherhou » Sun, 26 Oct 2003 07:13:54 GMT

It's found that when exporting a table/query to a text file, numbers
with decimals will be rounded off to 2 decimals (or 0 decimals
sometimes). Is there an explanation or setting for that?

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