Opening Access 97 mdb's with Access 2003 OK?



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Opening Access 97 mdb's with Access 2003 OK?

Postby don.fleming » Fri, 14 Dec 2007 04:38:45 GMT

We have a tool built for determing which Access version an mdb is that
works nicely.  Problem is, hundreds of PC's here are getting reimaged
without it(!)

Since I've been unable to solve that problem, am quite interested in
this. Can an Access 97 be harmed by opening it with the Access 2003
app as a User of the mdb.?  We have LOTS of this happening here and
I'm starting to research if/how much of a problem this is.  If the
Users have no need to change objects, (Tbls/Qrys/Forms etc..), perhaps
its OK for them to View Tbls/Qrys/Macros results, even change table
data with the v2003 app.

I have converted LOTS of the mdb's to v2003, but hundreds more v97's
are out there my scans are showing.

Thx of course for info


Re: Opening Access 97 mdb's with Access 2003 OK?

Postby Tom van Stiphout » Fri, 14 Dec 2007 11:27:21 GMT

We have no evidence reported in this newsgroup or anywhere else I am
familiar with that would indicate this is a problem. Backward
compatibility in Access is quite good.


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