Can't display jpg in image control w/ Access 2003 runtime on XP machine w/o Office

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Can't display jpg in image control w/ Access 2003 runtime on XP machine w/o Office

Postby B Havens » Sat, 24 Sep 2005 05:41:21 GMT

I developed an Access 2003 database (front-end/back-ends) and created a 
runtime (packaged). All is well when installing it on most machines, but I'm 
installing it on one machine with Windows XP SP1 which has *never* (user 
emphatic) had any MS Office products installed on it.

Part of the app is bringing up various .jpg files in an image control.

This user receives error:
"... doesn't support the format of the file..."

I have found numerous articles (and the website) mentioning 
this issue with the solution being to download and install 
however, that file's instructions say *not* to install it on an XP system...


B. Havens

Re: Can't display jpg in image control w/ Access 2003 runtime on XP machine w/o Office

Postby bob » Sat, 24 Sep 2005 16:38:57 GMT

The Image control requires the relevant Graphics Filter to display jpeg, which is part of the full Office

Re: Can't display jpg in image control w/ Access 2003 runtime on XP machine w/o Office

Postby B Havens » Sat, 24 Sep 2005 22:04:49 GMT

Unfortunately, full Office setup is not going to happen on this machine (or 
any stand-alone Office product for that matter). I'm looking for a 

Does anyone know anything about the 2003 Office Converter Pack?


Can this be installed on a machine without Office? Would it fix my issue?

Any help is appreciated


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