Saved files to external backup drive and unable to retrieve

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Saved files to external backup drive and unable to retrieve

Postby RCBBbmdsZXNleQ » Sun, 05 Mar 2006 11:53:27 GMT

I was running Windows 2000 Professional and was having problems because of a 
virus so I decided to change my operating system to XP.  Before doing so, I 
copied all of my outlook files to an external drive.  I did not do a backup 
but just copied all of the files.  When I tried to retrieve information from 
these copied files, I clicked on outlook and it just takes me to my persent 
version of outlook on my new XP version.  Is there anyway to access the 
copied files for information about my contacts and calendar items?  Thanks, D 

Re: Saved files to external backup drive and unable to retrieve

Postby MH » Sun, 05 Mar 2006 20:30:22 GMT

You would get better help from one of the Outlook newsgroups, this group is 
for working with external data within MS Access.

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George S



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