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  • 1. form in new instance
    in VB im able to create new form like this dim x as new form set x = formname what should i do in access ?
  • 2. What's wrong with this code???
    I keep getting the error message "Object Required" or 'Object Variable not set" if I take out the open statement. Sub UpdateStatus() Dim tblWIAStudentInfo As ADODB.RecordSet tblWIAstudnetinfo.Open Do Until tblWIAStudentInfo.EOF = True If tblWIAStatus_ID.OldValue = 1 Then tblWIAStatus_ID.Value = 9 ElseIf tblWIAStatus_ID.OldValue = 4 Then tblWIAStatus_ID.Value = 10 ElseIf tblWIAStatus_ID.OldValue = 5 Then tblWIAStatus_ID.Value = 11 ElseIf tblWIAStatus_ID.OldValue = 6 Then tblWIAStatus_ID.Value = 12 ElseIf tblWIAStatus_ID.OldValue = 7 Then tblWIAStatus_ID.Value = 2 End If tblWIAStudentInfo.MoveNext Loop tblWIAStudentInfo.Close End Sub
  • 3. how to cut from one and send to another
    I'm trying to get a way to cut a record from one table and paste it into another table via a command button on the form. I posted this problem on the "Forms" string but I was given an answer that doesn't work because there is no database variable type (at least not when I try to use Access 2000) Here's what I was given (keep in mind that it doesn't work): Private Sub Copy_Record_Click() Dim dbs as datbase set dbs = currentdb dbs.execute ("INSERT INTO table2 SELECT table1.* FROM table1 WHERE table1.criteria ='" & "this record" & "'") End Sub This only works if the criteria you are looking for is a string value. If you criteria is a number value, use this: dbs.execute ("INSERT INTO table2 SELECT table1.* FROM table1 WHERE table1.criteria =" & criteria) TIA Jim VanGordon
  • 4. access 2002 Using form filter or not??
    Hi there, I have inherited a database that has a form, which uses 2 dropdown listboxes to drilldown and finding a specific record in the form. (Plus, I am not very familiar with the system.) The Search / find logic is based on a 3 levels: level1 = Maintopic, Level 2 = Subtopic , 3rd level = Questions. The Form displays only the questions in relation to a subtopic. There may be several Question to a Subtopic. Now, if I want to add a new question, the program (as is) adds the question into the remainder of all other question ( = 250),( or rows of that table.) Obviously, I would expect to see only a record count of 8 records, if there were 8 questions in relation to the subtopic. What I like to see after a new question was added is that the form displays only records relevant to the Subtopic, with the new question the main focus ready for data entry. I thought to using the "domd.findrecord someid,,true,,true, accurrent,true" to filter on the Subtopic's Id Number, to get all relevant records, but then I am not clear as to how I am get the current record, which has the newly added Question displayed ,ready for the user to enter a new question. I mean the other option could be to use the subtopic I d number in the Underlining query as a filter, but I can't answer if that is the way to got at this stage. What other option do I have? Any other suggestions are most welcome. Kind regards Norman F

Re: workgroup file ..

Postby Gurtz » Fri, 01 Aug 2003 05:03:17 GMT

Thanks for your response,

No, I am not prompted to log in .. this is because I also 
pass the user name and password in the command line. If I 
give a gibberish workgroup file path in the command line, 
Access pops an error message at me, so I know it is 
reading the path and verifying that the workgroup file 
exists. It just isn't switching to it .. it simply uses 
whichever workgroup file I last joined. Something must be 
overriding the command line option, I guess..

Any other ideas?

is just a similar post
working for you.  But just to
to use the "most recently
a command line argument or
as defined by "Joining" a
you quite sure you have the
workgroup in the command line
open the file?

Re: workgroup file ..

Postby Rick Brandt » Fri, 01 Aug 2003 05:13:12 GMT

How are you determining that it is not using the MDW specified in the command line?
Try typing the command below into the immediate window and pressing <Enter>.  This
will indicate which MDW file Access is using.


Re: workgroup file ..

Postby Gurtz » Fri, 01 Aug 2003 22:37:52 GMT

Oh! That's great, thanks. I was just going to the 
Workgroup Administrator (Tools->Security->Workgroup 
Administrator) and reading what was listed 
under "Workgroup:". I didn't realize this would be 
innacurate.. The workgroups I'm testing are the same, but 
one is on the LAN, so I couldn't tell just by the 
available user names and such.

Thanks again!

specified in the command line?
and pressing <Enter>.  This

Re: workgroup file ..

Postby Rick Brandt » Fri, 01 Aug 2003 23:06:19 GMT

The workgroup shown in the Workgroup Administrator utility is your current "default"
workgroup.  This is the workgroup that will be used the next time you open Access
without specifying a workgroup file in the command line.  It has nothing to do with
what mdw file is being used by currently running applications.

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