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  • 1. After which event is a subform available
    I have a Main Form and a subform. The main form has a combo box - in the after update event it looks up a record on the subform. I would like to make sure the sibform is clear when the main form is opened and when I click on the * to make a new record. I would like to put code in to clear the subform, but I'm not figuring out in which event it should go. In which event should I out the code to clear the subform? Thanks.
  • 2. Events to "Trap" Incomplete Record Creation?
    I have the following scenario that's causing a problem: (1) Joe CluelessUser is adding a new record to a database through a form. (2) He fills in some fields, then gets distracted by something else, with the form and the incomplete (still missing some required fields) new record on his screen. (3) Quitting time rolls around, and Joe C has never completed his new record. He logs off and goes home, and his new record goes into byte heaven because of the missing required data. (4) Two weeks later, Joe C goes looking for his record, finds it ain't there, and beats me up because my database deleted all his hard work. So I want to build in some kind of timer event that will (a) note when someone begins to add a new record, and (b) pop up a modal warning message at some point reminding him that he has to finish the new record if he expects it to be saved. Who can suggest to me what events could be used for this purpose?
  • 3. Continuous Form Combo Box with rowsource based on hidden field.
    I have a combo box on a continuous form. Based on the value of a hidden text box, I need the combo box to display different values since there are different values available for selection based on the city of the record. I have the following query as my rowsource SELECT qrySelectOpenAPPeriods.[Period] & " " & [Year] AS Period, qrySelectOpenAPPeriods.PeriodID FROM qrySelectOpenAPPeriods WHERE (((qrySelectOpenAPPeriods.fldCityCode)=[Forms]![LookupDepositRequestsForSolomon]![fldCity])) ORDER BY qrySelectOpenAPPeriods.Year, qrySelectOpenAPPeriods.Sequence; The combo box is populating. The problem is that when they click on the close button which contains DoCmd.close acForm, a parameter box appears asking for the value of [Forms]![LookupDepositRequestsForSolomon]![fldCity])) . How do I stop this from occuring

Default Print Settings

Postby Chris » Wed, 07 Jan 2004 05:37:49 GMT

Does anyone know of a way to limit the normal "print" 
function from printing all of the forms to just the 
current form?

Basically i have a "check" form that is laid out like a 
check that I print on pre-printed checks.  When I hit 
print, I just want to print the current check, not ALL 


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