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Can mailing list in Works 4.5 be moved into Access

Postby TW9uaWNh » Mon, 18 Oct 2004 08:41:03 GMT

I have 2 mailing lists totalling together nearly 400 names, in a Works 4.5 
for Windows 95 data base.  I could add about 1300 more from an Excel list 
offered to me, but I do not have Excel in my computer.  I read, I think on 
the MS website, that Access is the best program for mailing lists.  I am 
willing to buy Access.  Could the Works 4.5 list be transferred into Access?  
Could the Excel list be read in Access and merged with the list from Works 
4.5?  Would it take great expertise to do this, or could an average computer 
user do it?

I now use Windows XP in my computer.

Re: Can mailing list in Works 4.5 be moved into Access

Postby Brian » Mon, 18 Oct 2004 16:35:39 GMT


You can't directly import from Works 4.5 into Access, but you can export
from Works in an appropriate format and then import into Access.  See, for


Excel files can be imported into Access without having Excel installed.

"Expertise" is an entirely relative term!  Many people would regard this
task as trivial, but you may not find it so.  But, I'm sure someone here
would help you if you couldn't figure it out.

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