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  • 3. Why no save prompt?
    After losing data yesterday when hitting the red button before saving, I dashed off a suggestion to Microsoft about this. Is anyone else dismayed that Excel does not exhibit this most basic application behavior: before closing a window, it should ask if the file should be saved? Am I being unreasonable in expecting either a prompt on hitting the red button or in having some indication in the window bar there are unsaved changes in the spreadsheet (as in OmniOutliner)?
  • 4. Date updated upon save
    Hi, I looked and couldn't find this answer, so if this question has already been answered I apologize in advance. I would like to create a field in my spreadsheet that automatically updates the date and time upon saving. I found the Now() and Date() functions but I couldn't find anything that updates upon saving. I don't know a lot about scripting but I'd be willing to give that a shot if that is what it takes. Jennifer Marrs
  • 5. Hyperlinks to "Defined Names" shift when rows have been inserted
    Before I ask my specific question, I've copied/pasted a portion of a previous e-mail that I've sent. It briefly explains my file setup. > I have an excel Workbook that contains several different worksheets. I'm > trying to create a hyperlink from a cell on one worksheet to a cell on another > worksheet. I'm created and defined the names for many of the cells > already--"Level_A", "Level_B", etc--all the way to Z. These are the names > because it's a listing of books by their Alphabetical difficulty level. > (Every book has a level denoted by A-Z). The problem that I'm having is that once I've set up my Defined Names and then linked to them, inserting rows on the page that I'm linking to changes where the hyperlink goes to. What do I need to do so that no matter how many rows I've entered, the hyperlink ALWAYS takes me to the specific cell that I've already set. I know that when I set up the "Defined Names" it refers to a specific numbered cell. I thought that by giving those lines a "Defined Name" instead of a column#/row# that the hyperlink would follow even if rows were inserted. Does this make sense? I want the hyperlink to follow the row and it's contents (regardless of whether or not the # of the row changes). Working in Office 2004--with latest 11.2.6 update on a G4 Powerbook (OS 10.3.9) -- Michelle

spinning beach balls in excel

Postby Rico » Mon, 08 Jun 2009 05:04:50 GMT

Version: 2008
Operating System: Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard)
Processor: Intel

HI all, I am running leopard on an iMac3.06 with 4 GB ram. Excel was running ok, then I added a 1TB external drive (la Cie) via Firewire and now it seems like every time I copy even a small range in excel, I get a spinning ball for about 10 seconds until control is returned to me. This persists after shut down and reboot. Excel is not crashing, its just slow. Is it because of the new external drive?? Any suggestions? Thanks all. Cheers,

Re: spinning beach balls in excel

Postby CyberTaz » Tue, 09 Jun 2009 21:41:57 GMT

I doubt that the drive, itself, is the problem unless you've configured it 
as your startup drive, but it could be associated operations that are 
contributing to the problem. For example, if the drive is formatted for 
Journaling or if you have Time Machine set to back up to that drive it can 
slow things down. You might check in those directions as well as any 
settings for the drive [such as Energy Saving] which might be causing it to 
sleep more often than necessary. These are a few of the processes that can 
affect performance especially if the Excel files are stored on that drive. 
Also, it might not hurt to run Disk Utility - Repair Disk Permissions on 
your primary HD & make sure that OS X as well as Office are fully updated - 
you didn't give your specific update levels of either.

HTH |:>)
Bob Jones
Office:Mac MVP

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found that despite attempts by 10.4 to repair permissions at install,
problems creep in screwing up permissions.
2. Rebuild the Entourage database.

MY Computer info:
MAC 2.0GHz dual processor PPC 1.5GB RAM
Connection DSL Hi-speed via 100BT
Office 11.1 upgrade including Entourage
Graphics Pad (Wacom Intuous 3)
LCD Display hp2335
SATA drive 160GB
FW drives


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