How to insert X axis scale values next to axis and X axis grid lin


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    I am trying to plot a line chart with a primary axis as category X axis (there are 4 categories) and a value Y axis. I don't want any line to connect the points. I just have symbols to show the values. The chart works fine. The problem is in each category there are some same values and they show as a single point on the graph, because one lie on top of the other. How do move the points horizontally if there is more than one point at the same place. I want to show that there are more than one points. Thanks Sheela
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    I currently run the Tablet version of Windows XP and also have Office XP. Whenever I set up a chart in Excel and save the entire workbook and then go back and attempt to make changes to the chart it crashes Excel. I can always recover the file but I can never change that chart. However, when I put the exact same file on my home computer which runs Windows XP standard and Office XP I can change the chart with no problems. Any suggestions
  • 4. If-formula in series-range of chart-datasource
    Hello there, depending on the "True" or "False"-value of a checkbox in a worksheet, I need to show one or the other dataseries for the X-axis in an XL-chart. However, when I try to integrate an If-formula into the series-definition in the datasource-dialogbox, Excel doesn't accept that. Is there a way to make a dataseries shown dependent on a condition ? Thank you in advance, Kind regards, H.G. Lamy

How to insert X axis scale values next to axis and X axis grid lin

Postby dnAyM2xhcnJ5 » Fri, 24 Jun 2005 23:16:02 GMT

I usually create charts with logarithmic scale on the X axis.
I find that using "Scatter" chart function allows this to be done easily.
The final chart inserts the grid ticks but does not insert X axis values (or 
even grid lines).
Does anyone know the simple way to achieve what I want?

RE: How to insert X axis scale values next to axis and X axis grid lin

Postby QmFyYiBSLg » Fri, 24 Jun 2005 23:26:02 GMT

What is the min/max value for your X axis?   As I recall, only axis labels 
are put only for each decade, and not for anything in the middle.  (shows 
0.1, doesn't show 0.2-0.9, shows 1).  You can do that, but it requires some 
additional work.

RE: How to insert X axis scale values next to axis and X axis grid lin

Postby Q29sbGluczMy » Fri, 24 Jun 2005 23:45:13 GMT

Min is 10, max is 1000. major axis values of 10, 100, 1000 is desiredalong 
with major grid lines.

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