Change background for ALL charts without custom defining all chart



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Change background for ALL charts without custom defining all chart

Postby YW5lYXNpZXJ0b21vcnJvdw » Sat, 29 Sep 2007 12:23:03 GMT

Hello Excel Experts

I'm using 2003.

Here's the thing: I'm desiging a powerpoint template for a client and have 
advised him to use excel for all his charting as MSGraph is so completely 
hopeless. I know I can change chart colours through tools->options->colour 
and that I can then use that file to update charts in any other xls. I also 
know I can create user-defined charts with the fonts, background etc I want 
and share those. Thing is I don't know *exactly* what chart types my client 
may want to use (and, bless, neither does he at the mo). 

So, my question is: is there any way to set fonts & background defaults for 
all new charts without using the user-defined charts?

One solution seems to be to define one chart type, set it as default, tell 
him to use f11 and then chage chart type as I think this reatins 
backgrounds/fonts etc. Is that right? And is it the only way?

Thank you for your time :-)


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Re: Change background for ALL charts without custom defining all chart

Postby Jon Peltier » Sat, 29 Sep 2007 12:43:42 GMT

I've had nothing but trouble with the user defined chart gallery, probably 
because having all these different versions of Office fight over the same 
gallery file, and they've corrupted it. And as you say, each chart type 
needs its own gallery entry, and sometimes the specs about what chart types 
you will need haven't been written yet.

I used to have a VBA procedure I would run on a newly created chart which 
would adjust all of these various parameters for me. Font style and size, 
background fill color, even the margins around the plot area. Nothing too 
elegant, but you could place a button on a toolbar that would run the chart 
wizard, then run the fixit sub, so that the user never really knew that they 
didn't make that nice chart to begin with. Plus another button that fed the 
chart through fixit again, if you made it ugly again.

- Jon
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