Changing font style/size/color/etc for multiple series in a ch



  • 1. Dynamic Scaling
    Is is possible to programmatically scale a chart? Basically I want to force the chart's extents to be related to the extremities of my data. Thanks, Cody
  • 2. Resizing Data Tables
    I have 37 seperate charts that I update every month. I have broken the charts down in to departments and with in the departments, in sections. The big wigs want to have 4 charts on a page, which is what I have done. The problem is that the scale for the sections is 50, because of a few problem areas. But a lot of sections only have 1-10 incidents. With the scale to 50, and with the data labels it makes it hard to read. So I thought about using Data Tables on those that are compact. The problem is that it resizes my chart very small. I would like to resize the data table to get rud of some waisted space and make my charts more read able. Any thoughts on this? Thanks
  • 3. Double 100% Stacked column charts
    I am trying to create a monthly report that would capture the last 3 months worth of data. The issue I am having is that I need to compare two sets of data pe month so a clustered column chart would be ideal. Hower I need th clustered columns to be 100% stacked columns in order to present th appropriate data which are ratios. For example in June we Forecasted 10% blue shoes, 50% red shoes, an 40% Green shoes (column 1 in June) however we actually got 20% blue 30% red and 50% green (column 2 in June). These two columns should b touching whereas there should be a seperation from the other month with similar data. Thoughts???? HEEEELLLLLPPPPPP!!!
  • 4. Export Excel Chart to .gif or .png file
    then I used to select and copy individual charts in an Excel file and paste them into PhotoDraw to create .gif and .png files. Recently I lost access to PhotoDraw (a dictated productivity enhancment) and am wondering what current product MS has to replace this functionality?

Re: Changing font style/size/color/etc for multiple series in a ch

Postby SG9zc2RhZGR5 » Sat, 18 Jul 2009 06:06:06 GMT

Thanks, Peter, but I must confess I was hoping for a simpler solution that I 
was just overlooking, as I am not a macro-master.  I'll keep this in my back 
pocket to try for a really complicated one, but for now, I may have to 
maintain the brute force approach.  Thanks for taking the time to reply.  I 
really appreciate it.

Re: Changing font style/size/color/etc for multiple series in a ch

Postby VmluY2VudA » Sat, 16 Jan 2010 04:36:02 GMT

I have the same problem as Hossdaddy
is there any other/simpler  solution that was suggested since then?

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