Possible Fine Tuning


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  • 1. How to add asterisk to source data
    We want to add an asterisk to several numbers in our data source, but when we add the asterisk to the source data, it disappears from the chart. How can we keep it from doing that without putting the asterisk in a textbox and then moving it around all the time whenever there are changes in the chart?
  • 2. How to change y axis automatic time range?
    I am charting end times for my batch stream. Sometime it finishes at 11pm sometimes at 3am and everywhere in between. When i create the chart it choose the y-axis time ranges for me. Starting range is 12am to 5am the next day. I would like to change the y-axis range from 10pm to 10am next day. How can i do that????
  • 3. Date & Time on X Axis
    Hi I have a problem where i cannot get the date & time on the x axis. In Excel 97 you used to be able to have the date in one cell and the time in the next cell so that when a graph was created you would get a x axis with both date and time showing on the major tick marks (ie 19/09/06 12:33), when you try this on Excel 2003 you get a solid black line that i'm unable to read or breakdown into sensible scale. Can anybody let me know how to solve this as when you are looking at a weeks worth of data it is impossible to read any type of date/time stamp. Thans
  • 4. 2 scales in 1 chart
    Hi, I'm using xl'97 and I'm trying to chart 2 different tables to 1 chart. To do this I would need XL to display 1 scale on left and another one on right sided of the chart and then chart both tables to 1 chart. Is this possible ? Thanks for help, Sirritys
  • 5. chart line appear in Word
    We combine couple chart together as one picture; then copy and past to word as our final report. charts were pasted as "Picture (Enhanced Metafile)" We have selected heavest line from Excel defut, but when past to Word, due to reduce overall size of chart, the lines were not heavy enough. Any way we can improve that.

Possible Fine Tuning

Postby Phil Hageman » Fri, 07 Nov 2003 03:21:56 GMT

IT WORKS GREAT!!  Thank you very much.  Some questions:
  1. Can we make the code work for all charts on a 
worksheet - automatically?
  2. Is there a way to specify specific serieses?  My 
charts are combination area charts, with lines ploted.  I 
want to label two line series that are putting a straight 
line across the chart (constant values). These I want to 
label, no others.
  3. Is there a way to make the labels permanent where the 
user doesn't have to invoke the macro?

  4. Also, when I run the macro on a selected chart, the 
chart flickers for a few seconds and then settles.  I'm 
sure users will object to this.  Is there a way to avoid 
seeing this?

Thanks again Jon for a fantastic feature. Appreciate it.

this procedure 
finds the last 
blank or #N/A).
vbExclamation, "No Chart 

error '91': 

Re: Possible Fine Tuning

Postby Jon Peltier » Fri, 07 Nov 2003 10:20:06 GMT

ow, Phil. You're tough. Anyway, all of your requests are possible.
Number 3 is toughest, because you'd need to set up worksheet events to
change the labels (and the point being labeled, the number of series
being labeled, etc.) when required. You may want to use a cell link
instead of a static label (like "=Sheet1!R1C1" instead of mySrs.Name in
this code).

Numbers 1, 2, and 4 are easily integrated:

Sub LastPointLabel()
Dim mySrs As Series
Dim nPts As Long, iPt As Long
Dim ErrNum As Long
Dim ChtOb As ChartObject

'' 4. Stop Screen Flicker (Not sure about effectiveness)
Application.ScreenUpdating = False

'' 1. All Charts on a Worksheet
For Each ChtOb In ActiveSheet.ChartObjects
For Each mySrs In ChtOb.Chart.SeriesCollection

'' 2. Line Series Only
If mySrs.ChartType = xlLine Or _
mySrs.ChartType = xlLineMarkers Then
With mySrs
nPts = .Points.Count
For iPt = nPts To 1 Step -1
On Error Resume Next
mySrs.Points(iPt).HasDataLabel = True
mySrs.Points(iPt).DataLabel.Text = mySrs.Name
ErrNum = Err.Number
On Error GoTo 0
If ErrNum = 0 Then Exit For
End With
End If
Application.ScreenUpdating = True
End Sub

- Jon
Jon Peltier, Microsoft Excel MVP

Phil Hageman wrote:

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