Bar Chart with bar data and another bar showing a range of dat



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Re: Bar Chart with bar data and another bar showing a range of dat

Postby RFF1aW50 » Sat, 09 Sep 2006 00:44:02 GMT

Brilliant! You are a lifesaver, thanks!

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1.Bar Chart with bar data and another bar showing a range of data

I have to create a chart that has three columns that I would like to show as 
two bars,the columns are one with a fixed amount and the other two with a 
negative to positive range. Do you know how this could be done?

Ive included a sample of the data, the first numeric column would be the 
first set of bars (2.5, 8.9, etc.) and the second two columns would be the 
range set of bars (-5.3 to 10.3, etc.)
Sample 1	  2.5	-5.3	10.3
Sample 2	  8.9	-2.5	20.3
Sample 3	  3.8	-7.4	14.9
Sample 4	  0.0	-7.1	7.1

Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!!!!

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with a graph that only contains the last 4 or 5 data ranges?????  I have also 
search every help and internet and see addressing this???

3.Customise error bars on individual bars in a bar chart 2007

I posted this question a couple of days ago but it there seems to be an issue 
with the MS notification system and I can't access the answer that someone 
posted for me.

I want to allocate individual values for error bars in a bar chart, I'm 
using Excel 2007. There is a customise option but the values you select apply 
to all bars on the chart. As the bars in my charts are a mean value in 
themselves, I want to show the error applicable to that bar.


I'm trying to create a bar chart from 3 different data columns.  What
I'm looking to do is use the 1st column as one whole bar, but to put
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5.Graphics package, bar chart with several data series, organizing the data bars

On Oct 16, 2:46 pm, cruiser < XXXX@XXXXX.COM > wrote:
> Conducted a survey for a graduate study project, user ranking of
> several items. Users were asked to rank the same list as 1st
> important, second, etc. Created the bar chart, three series, not a
> problem. Professor wishes to see the bars for each series staggered
> highest to lowest, left to right, for all three sereis. Unfortunately,
> format data series>series order moves the data column IN ALL THREE
> series simultaniously. is there any way to create a single histogram
> of all three data sereis, maintaining the color key, and order the
> data columns for each sereis independently?

I don't really see the value in presenting the data this way (aside
from appeasing your professor). But, if you must...

You could get the data ordered in the way you (or the prof) wants, in
the spread sheet itself. Plot it, initially ignoring the colors. Then,
color each bar separately. To select an individual bar, select the
series and then press the right arrow key. Double click it and select
the color. All very tedious, but if it gets you an A, it might be
worth it!


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