Excel very slow when changing fonts-type & size



  • 1. Disk is full error
    We are running Office XP on XP Pro. I have 2 users that continuously open/create/save excel docs on a network share. Some files are pretty large in size, but not all. They are receiving errors: Delayed Write Failed Disk is Full These are the only 2 users in the entire organization that receive these errors. I've replaced their network cables, ran network tests, reinstalled excel, and verified the space on the network. There is 18GB available on the share, so space is not an issue. They are not dropping packets according to the network tests I've performed....so what could be the issue? I've thoroughly checked out the KB articles and the only solution that I have found or been told is to save to the local host then copy the file over; but this is a problem as some of the files are automatically generated from reporting software that we have. SOMEONE PLEASE HELP TO GET THESE PEOPLE OFF MY BACK!!! This has gone on for months now. Thanks in advance!
  • 2. file is locked
    When I open my Excel file that I have been working in for abt 2 years, I get an error. "File is locked. In order to save changes to the file, you can either close the file before making any changes and then re-open it, use save as (file menu) to save the file using another file name, or turn off shared workbooks and then save the file." So, I close out, re-open, file save as; and I get an error saying "Document not saved". Can any one help me?
  • 3. Read-Write Files
    When I save a file to my CD it makes it a "Read Only' file. I need to be able to make changes and save the file again. Is there a special proceedure for saving files to CD-RW and being able o make corrections and saving them again with out renaming each time?
  • 4. Closing Excel Gives A "MS Ofice Has Encountered a Problem" Msg
    I had an Excel workbook crash a week ago, and ever since then EVERY time I close Excel (not a workbook) I get the message "Microsoft Office Has Encountered a Problem and Needs to Close, etc." Then I click "Send an Error Report" and it does. I'm running Office 11 (Excel 2003) under Win XP Pro on a Dell 8300 computer. As long as I close one workbook then open another without actually closing Excel, I don't get the message. It's when I close Excel that it happens. Consulting the Event Viewer results in "No information available". The crash that triggered this persistent problem notice didn't actually seem to have a problem. It said it removed some bad conditional formatting, but I doubt it. I'm still using the original version of the workbook that crashed. The message I get offers to recover and if I say OK, it opens a new unused workbook, totally unrelated to the workbook I had been using. I ran the Help Search & Repair system, and everything seemed to be OK. I run Spybot, Ad-aware, Norton Internet Security and Norton Antivirus, and none of them has found anything except tracking cookies which I delete. This seems like a bug of some sort, but I have no idea how to report it. Anyone have any ideas? This message is driving me cookieputz!
  • 5. There was a problem displaying the attributions. MSN Stock quotes
    I have a spreadsheet that uses the add-in 'MSN Money Stock Quotes" that has been working fine until today. I updated the quotes then made some other changes to the spreadsheet and when I try to update the quotes again (after the 5 minute delay), it comes up with a box saying 'There was a problem displaying the attributions. The quotes have not been updated.' I can close out of Excel without saving the spreadsheet then restart Excel and reopen the spreadsheet to update quotes. Any changes to the spreadsheet besides stock quote updates causes this error message.

Excel very slow when changing fonts-type & size

Postby VG9tIE0 » Sun, 05 Dec 2004 02:57:32 GMT

RE: Excel very slow when changing fonts-type & size

Postby Z2FyZmllbGQtbi1vZGll » Sun, 05 Dec 2004 11:49:04 GMT

If your default printer in Windows is a network printer, and/or if the 
printer driver itself is on a network, try changing to a local printer and 
see if performance improves.

RE: Excel very slow when changing fonts-type & size

Postby VG9tTTQyMw » Mon, 06 Dec 2004 00:09:01 GMT

Thanks.  Printer is set to Local Printer.  Over 750k of RAM.  All other 
functions work very fast.

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