Excel files won't open from desktop


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  • 1. Excel does not fully open.
    I am having application initialization problems, well at least i think so. When I try to open an excel spreadsheet, it tries to open but the only thing that is visible is the top tool bar and task bar down at the bottom of Excel.exe. The spot where the excel spreadsheet should be, is blank and I can see the window behind it. I removed Office XP and did a re-installation of the who office and still have the same results. The only way I can open an excel file is if I start Excel.exe from it's original location and doing a "File-Open". Can someone please direct me in to a proper solution? Thanks,
  • 2. Cannot open long file names
    Weird glitch when upgrading Win 98 machine to XPPro - Excel will now not open any file name with 27 characters (not including the '.xls suffix') or longer. The error message asks to check file location & spelling. If filename is shortened to 26 characters or less - opens fine. However, after a Excel 97 reinstall, a long file name opened (1st file opened) but excel returned an error along the lines of 'you cannot open more than 1 file with the same name at a time' & on trying to open another long file name, the same error as above. These 'long files' open okay across the network with another XP Pro/Excel 97 machine. Anybody offer any help? Fec
  • 3. how to load numbering add-in (error message when opening the invo.
    Opening an existing Excel template (invoice) calls for loading of the numbering add-in. I am unable to do this. The template will apparently not calculate without the add-in. Why? What is the problem?
  • 4. Excel will not copy certain worksheets within a workbook
    I have a workbook with about 32 worksheets. If I try to copy a few specific worksheets within the workbook, it doesn't happen and there is no error message. Most worksheets can be copied.
  • 5. Parentheses Not Displayed in Number and Currency Format
    I hope someone in Microsoft suport read this: I hope you will make an update to article No. 240829: I had the problem reffered in this article with Windows XP and Excel 2002 spanish version. I followed resolution steps (ignoring that article says that problem was fixed in excel 2002) and it works!!! now parentheses are displayed in number and currency formats. I don't know if problem was fixed only in excel 2002 english version, but for sure it wasn't fixed in excel 2002 spanish version.

Excel files won't open from desktop

Postby dhattala » Fri, 30 Jan 2004 06:25:31 GMT

I cannot open an Excel file from it's location in My 
Documents or on the desktop. Excel will launch but the 
data does not appear. However, I can open Excel first and 
open the document from within Excel. How can I 
reestablish the link to open direct from the file 
itself?  I'm using Excel 2002.

Re: Excel files won't open from desktop

Postby Jan Karel Pieterse » Fri, 30 Jan 2004 17:55:57 GMT

Hi Dhattala,

Start, Run,
"C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office\Excel.exe" /regserver

Quotes mandatory, Note you may have to change the path.

This is what MS has to say startup switches:

 http://www.**--****.com/ ;en-us;q211481


Jan Karel Pieterse
Excel MVP

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When I try to open  an  .xls on my desktop I get an error message that says 
"Cannot find the file blah blah blah... ( or one of its components). Make 
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Version: 2008
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I have problems with opening a shared .xlsx file when the file is already open on a shared OSX server. Normally the file will open as read-only. It will open as read-only on a PC with Office 2007. It is also working when saving it as a .xls
First the message will appear 'filename.xlsx' is being modified by another user choos "Read Only" "Notify" or cancel. When selecting "Read Only" an error will appear "Excel cannot open this file" the fiel might have been damaged or modified from its original format.

I already tried a save as version and cut and paste in a new document, on PC and MAC. Always with same error. Moving the file to another share or windows share didn't help.

For now we are going back to the .xls extention which we always used. But after upgrading to Office 2007 .xlsx is more and more used.

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5.Excel 5.0a won't open after trying to open an Excel file from a PC.

Hi Folks!
I need help correcting a software problem. My Duo
2300c has Excel 5.0a and it was working fine. But I
goofed it up by trying to execute an Excel file copied
from an Compaq PC running Windows 98.  First, the original spreadsheet
was in Excel 97 format (or newer) on the PC. On the PC
I opened the file and re-saved it as an Excel 5.0
file. (Excel 5.0 is an older version than Excel 97) I
checked and it opens fine on a different PC that has
Excel 5.0c on it. I then took the PC floppy disk with
the Excel 5.0 spreadsheet on it, and copied the file
to my Duo 2300c hard disk. (PC exchange and MacLink Plus extensions were on
and the file icon does not say "PC". When I tried to open the
file, I got an error message: The application
"Microsoft Excel" could not be opened because
"MicrosoftVisualBasicAppsLib" could not be found. Now
I get that error message whenever I try to open Excel
5.0 on the Duo. Excel 5.0 files that used to open fine
don't work anymore. I searched the hard disk for the
missing file, but could not find it. I rebooted the
Duo, and later I rebuilt the desktop with no
I borrowed another Mac that has Excel 5.0 on it,
and copied Excel preferences, settings, toolbars, Chart Autoformats, and the
actual Excel program file to my 2300c using Appletalk. I moved the original
preferences, etc. into the trash can. I still get the same error when trying
to open Excel. I also tried trashing a file called VBA preferences with no
luck. I found in Extensions/Type Libraries a file called "en vba olb (Power
Mac)". I made a copy of "en vba olb (Power Mac)", renamed it to
"MicrosoftVisualBasicAppsLib" to see if that was the file Excel was looking
for, but it was not so I trashed the renamed file.
Can anyone offer any more suggestions on how to correct
this problem?
The 2300c has 36 meg RAM and 56 meg virtual memory set up.
Or if someone has a copy of the installation floppies or CD for Microsoft
Office or Office 98 for Macintosh they could sell or loan me, I could try a
re-install of Microsoft Office.

Thanks for any suggestions,

Art in Silicon Valley

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