Excel 2007 Beta Pasted Pictures All Turn Into Last Pasted Pict



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    Okay, here's my problem. In Excel 2003, I select and copy an Excel table. I paste it into Word. On the Paste Options dropdown list I select Match Destination Formatting, which I understand will convert the pasted object into a Word table. But the table that appears in Word is 19" wide! Regardless of what I try --- reducing the preferred with or matching the contents to the window --- I cannot get the danged thing to reduce even to a landscape-size, let alone a portrait size (8 1/2 x 11). What am I not doing, or what am I doing wrong -- Wallace
  • 4. Will not save
    Hi, We have a workbook on Excel which holds important information and has many sheets to open with information in them. The worksheet will open fine and will save fine as long as you only add information. If you try to move the cell information to a different cell or delete a row/column, an error report comes up after trying to save and any work dont after the colum/row move etc will be deleted. We can not unbderstand why this is happening. Please help Sara
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    every time I attempt to open excel it starts then a fatel message with short cut comes up any ideas

Re: Excel 2007 Beta Pasted Pictures All Turn Into Last Pasted Pict

Postby R2VyZW1pYSBEb2Fu » Wed, 31 May 2006 14:27:01 GMT

I wasn't told to post bugs in any specific place.  After digging on 
Microsoft.com, I inferred that I was to post problems in the Microsoft Office 
Community Forums.  Does anyone have any information regarding where to post 
bugs on beta problems?


Re: Excel 2007 Beta Pasted Pictures All Turn Into Last Pasted Pict

Postby R2VyZW1pYSBEb2Fu » Thu, 01 Jun 2006 08:01:01 GMT

Well, just in case the developers are monitoring these forums for feedback, I 
was having problems when trying to use macros as well.

1st, I had a very hard time finding the way to create and manage macros.  I 
finally was able to add a button on a toolbar to record a macro, and another 
to play macros.  
2nd, while trying to record and play macros, Excel 2007 beta crashed and I 
lost all of my programming since my last save.  It then opened up several 
"repaired" versions of my file, all of which had significant data and 
formatting loss.

I rely on macros and images heavily in most of my use of Excel.  Therefore I 
think that I am going to have to step back from the beta program and go back 
to using a stable version.


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