Taskbar group buttons unchecked and Excel



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Taskbar group buttons unchecked and Excel

Postby VGlzaGE » Fri, 18 Nov 2005 00:11:05 GMT

When I open several files at one time in Excel, the taskbar only shows one 
file open, even though I have the taskbar group box unchecked. In order to 
show each file I have to open each file individually. How can I eliminate 
multiple steps to show each Excel file in the taskbar?

Re: Taskbar group buttons unchecked and Excel

Postby Dave Peterson » Fri, 18 Nov 2005 00:17:46 GMT

In xl2k (and higher), you can use:

tools|options|view tab|check windows in taskbar.


Dave Peterson

Re: Taskbar group buttons unchecked and Excel

Postby VGlzaGE » Fri, 18 Nov 2005 01:01:05 GMT

If in Excel, I go to file|open|and ctrl or shift several files, only one file 
shows in the taskbar, even if I check the windows in taskbar. Any other 

Re: Taskbar group buttons unchecked and Excel

Postby Dave Peterson » Fri, 18 Nov 2005 01:48:57 GMT

I'd double check the number of workbooks/windows that are open.

Look under Window in the worksheet menu bar.  If you only see one name at the
bottom of that dropdown, then you only have one workbook open.

If you see multiple names at the bottom, double check that setting
(tools|options|view tab).  If you're using xl2k and shared workbooks, it may be
getting toggled back without your knowledge/permission.  This was fixed in

What version of excel are you using?


Dave Peterson

Re: Taskbar group buttons unchecked and Excel

Postby VGlzaGE » Fri, 18 Nov 2005 03:56:24 GMT

I am using Windows XP and Excel 2003. 

I have rechecked the settings in options and the verified that the taskbar 
isn't grouping them. I also have checked that multiple files are open, and in 
fact the only way I can get into the files is by the windows dropdown. If I 
open each file individually instead of openning them all at once, then they 
all show up on the task bar.

Re: Taskbar group buttons unchecked and Excel

Postby Dave Peterson » Fri, 18 Nov 2005 04:05:39 GMT

First, you can also use ctrl-tab and ctrl-shift-tab to cycle between open

But I'm confused.

You've checked tools|options|view tab|windows in taskbar.

And you've changed the taskbar setting itself (I read your first post like you
rightclick on Windows start button|properties|taskbar tab

Uncheck Group similar taskbar buttons.

(if you've done all this, then I don't have another guess.  I use xl2003 and
winXP home and it works fine for me.)


Dave Peterson

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