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installing feature

Postby VmlsbGEgQml0aGlhaA » Wed, 08 Dec 2004 09:35:02 GMT

Excel slow to open. Installs Excel feature twice before opening.

Re: installing feature

Postby Frank Kabel » Wed, 08 Dec 2004 16:21:26 GMT

what is the EXACT message you get then you try to open Excel?

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1.Excel Installing feature

Everytime I start excel I get the window saying "Installing New Feature" then 
it looks like installing something then opens excel. Though this is not an 
error but everytime the same window annoyed me. Can anybody help me to get 
rid of this "Installing new feature" window when opening excel 2003.

Thank you. 

2.installing features when Excel opens

I had to reload Office 2003. Since I have every time I open an Excel file I 
get a popup window "installing features" I didfn't have this before and I 
don't understand why it is doing so. After it installs "whatever" the program 
works fine. It is annoying and takes some time.

Any suggestions on why or how to elimnate will be appreciated.

3.Excels keeps installing features

Each time i open Excel (Office 2003 Professional) Windows XP machine i get a 
message that says :  Installing Components for Microsoft Excel and a box that 
says Installing:  Microsoft Excel Feature.  After this message goes away 
Excel works fine until i close it and open it again.  
I have run detect and repair and done all updates and restarted my computer 
but nothing has helped.  Any suggestions?

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every time I start Excel, a dialog box pops up with the title
"Installing components for Microsoft Excel" and the text "Installing:
Microsoft Excel Features".
I tries changing the behaviour using Add/remove Programs, selecting
modify option and looked for Clip Art Gallery (something that was
suggested in Microsoft KB) but could not find this feature. So, I don't
think it that is the cause.
I would appreciate your help.
I am using Office Xp for Small Business, Excel 2002, 10.3506.3501, SP1.

By the way, something similar happens when I open Word, except that it
flashes a message or a dialog box and disappears, too fast to know what
it is.


5.Microsoft Excel Installing Feature on opening

Every time I open MS Excel 2003 I get a quick dialogue indicating:
"Microsoft Installer"
Then another.....
Installing components for Microsoft Excel
Installing: Microsoft Excel Feature

It's just a nusance and I can kill the install with the cancel button with 
the program apparently running fine.  Does anyone know what this "feature" 
might be and/or how I can stop it from occuring?  Without un-installing 

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